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Sue Ellis-Saller has a vision and a mission to help other Spiritual Entrepreneurs by sharing business and marketing tools as well as highlighting their work. On this site, seekers will have access to some fabulous people in the world of tarot and oracle cards, mediumship, angel card readers, other forms of cartomancy, Reiki, meditation, spiritual advising, law of attraction and so much more!

Would you like to be in the spotlight? Schedule an interview here or join us on our Spiritual Business Spotlight show to do some short readings during one of our reading parties! We can also help you with your social media marketing!

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Spiritual Business Spotlight Interviews Calista Ascension
Interview with Calista Ascension, Award-Winning Author and Spiritual Ascension Pioneer

Interview with Calista Ascension, Award-Winning Author and Spiritual Ascension Pioneer

I had the honor of interviewing Award-Winning Author and Spiritual Ascension Pioneer, Calista Ascension. We talked about her spiritual journey and how she became acquainted with and started working with the Angels, the Female Archangels and how they are helping to heal humankind, and how you can use her upcoming book to help you with your spirituality and health.

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Reiki Study Ideas
Energy Healers, Let’s Get To Work!

Energy Healers, Let’s Get To Work!

Last fall I had the idea of getting some LightWorkers, Healers, and Reiki Masters/Practitioners together to do some pretty broad experiments with energy healing. I was already reaching out to some folks on my Facebook page and getting a good response. For some reason, I put the project on the backburner, though... until today.

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Rachel Chamness

Rachel Chamness, Ascension and Lightworker Guide

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Caroline Palmy

Caroline Palmy is a Heartflow Healer and Author from Switzerland. Heartflow Healing helps people heal from past relationship pain (parents, lovers, etc.), open up to self-love, and create healthy boundaries.

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Sue Ellis Saller

Sue Ellis-Saller is an Angel, Tarot, and Oracle Card Reader; a Certified Transformational Life Coach; a Reiki and Energy Healer; and a Business Mentor for Sensitive and Spiritual Entrepreneurs. read more…

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