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Sue Ellis-Saller has a vision and a mission to help other Spiritual Entrepreneurs grow their audiences. On this site, you’ll have access to some fabulous new talent in the world of tarot and oracle cards, angel card readers, other forms of cartomancy, Reiki, meditation, spiritual advising, law of attraction and so much more!

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The Circle Of Life – Easter
The Circle Of Life – Easter

The Circle Of Life – Easter

Easter is coming. Already, hot cross buns and chocolate Easter eggs are being displayed in the supermarkets. While some people are complaining about the consumerism that has taken over this holy day, I look and wonder why no one comments on the symbolism on show....

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Rachel Chamness

Rachel Chamness, Angelic & Elemental Channeler, Spiritual Counselor, & Sound Healer
Connecting you to Angelic & Elemental Helpers for a better life!

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Caroline Palmy

Caroline Palmy is a Heartflow Healer and Author from Switzerland. Heartflow Healing helps people heal from past relationship pain (parents, lovers, etc.), open up to self-love, and create healthy boundaries.

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Maria G. Maas

Maria G Maas, MS, is a natural-born psychic, angel-intuitive medium, radio host, author, teacher, wife, and cat mama who loves working with angels and sharing the wisdom that they have to guide, support, protect, and heal people, animals, and our beloved planet.

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