Are you a good custodian of your body?

Are you a good custodian of your ‘self’?

Here’s how you can tell…

Your best friend has a daughter. A girl you have known since birth and love wholeheartedly.

Your friend asks you to look after her daughter for the day. You jump at the chance because you love hanging out with her and always enjoy your time together.

This time though there’s a bit of a spin on the whole thing.

During this whole day…

  • you can only say to the girl what you say to yourself
  • you can only feed her what you normally feed yourself
  • you can only feel about her body what you normally feel about your own
  • you can only respond to her sadness or anger or fear how you normally respond to your own

So this being the case

Should your friend leave her daughter with you?

Or should she run like hell?

Would leaving her with you for the day (given the above rules) result in…

  • her self-esteem falling and her sense of self-being less than?
  • her feelings being disrespected/belittled
  • her feeling that her body is not good enough/thin enough
  • her feeling she isn’t smart enough/pretty enough…

……..her feeling she is not enough. Full stop.

Would you be ok with doing this for a day?

I’m imaging a resounding no!

So you wouldn’t do this to someone else, someone you love, for even a day.

And yet, you do this to yourself, in one way or another, every day.

And do you feel the above?

Do you feel not enough?

Maybe the best place to look for the reason why is right there in your mirror.

Never underestimate the power you have over yourself, your feelings, your opinions about yourself.

You can spend so much time looking outside yourself for reasons why you feel down or low. Why you have a low self-esteem and lack confidence.

Start with you. The person you listen to and face all day every day.

And ask yourself if you are a good custodian of your body, of yourself.

With love,

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