Are you curious about what 2021 will look like? Get predictions for the year from Classic Greek Astrologer Alexandra Karakopoulou.

Alexandra shares her insight about the general mood of the year based on the different planetary and celestial influences she sees.

What can we expect for the year 2021 (and beyond)?

We are in a transformative period that started about 5 years ago, from what Alexandra explained to us. On the 21st of December, there was a very revolutionary aspect that heralded in the Age of Aquarius. It was the beginning of a new century for us, a new era.

Saturn and Jupiter moved into Aquarius. Saturn, the planet of life lessons is encouraging us to look back over our lives and figure out what we are doing wrong, while Jupiter, a.k.a. the planet of good fortune and expansion, is adding its energy to the mix. They meet in the air sign of Aquarius, which is really a revolutionary planet.

No matter which way you look at it, whether through an astrologic aspect or a spiritual aspect, you feel that something really big is going on.

It brings so many ideas, science, technologies, conversations, data – flowing like the wind. And these ideas will seed change.

A rough start. There isn’t a clear end to the Coronavirus on the horizon, at least not apparent in the planets and stars…

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