Emily Ridout is an Astroyoga Specialist, a Folklorist, and a Tarot Reader who is passionate about empowering others by helping them learn to read their astrological birth charts.

Key points about what is coming up in 2022

The central question for 2022 will be: How do you want the world to be for EVERYBODY?

  • First off, what IS AstroYoga, and how it helps people energetically and physically?
  • The things we are experiencing are related to certain planetary transits that started around 1987.
  • The Law of Nature – whatever you focus on teaches you its secrets.
  • The key planetary factors and transits that are influencing the energy of the authority versus freedom conflict we are experiencing now in the world right now.
  • How will the Lunar Node Shifts affect the way we interact and seek to understand others.
  • What will make people wake up and recognize their own power?
  • Jupiter and Neptune will be in Pisces — how that energy is similar to the Crusades in the Middle Ages.
  • There’s a big event happening in April, and it will shift the energy in positive and negative ways. What will happen and what extremes will it herald in?
  • Mercury Retrogrades for 2022 and how they will affect the Collective.
  • This year will be a time for practical action, especially during the Mercury Retrogrades.
  • What the chart for the US is saying for 2022.


“These conflicts come up so we can resolve them.”

“Dream it, let it go, and trust.”

“Once you’ve identified the problem, no need to talk about it anymore. These Mercury Retrogrades are saying, ‘What are you going to do?'”

“Make sure you’re asking for something good for yourself. Don’t be stingy when you can have anything you want.”

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