This channeled message was channeled by Sue Ellis-Saller from the Collective Spirit on the evening of November 10th, 2019. It is a channeled message that has been reverberating in the shared energetic space for some time now. 

Connect with me. Heal me. Love me.

For far too long, we have been looking at things from a space of disconnection. I am not you; you are not me; we are not one.

But, Dear One, we ARE one. The things you need are the things I need. We have shared pains, shared wounds, and shared triumphs, shared needs.

Earth and humanity desperately need connection, healing, love. There is a chorus of cries right now. 

The cry is coming from within us and outside of us as well. It comes from the land, the rivers, the animals. It comes from our friends, neighbors, and loved ones.

It comes in an instant message from thousands of miles away. It comes from the next room. It comes from your soul.

Connect with me. Heal me. Love me.

As above, so below. Inside, outside. Small and large. The macrocosm and the microcosm all have the same need. 

First, my love, connect with yourself. Heal yourself. Love yourself. As much as you possibly can. Don’t allow yourself to get pulled into the myriad of distraction that keeps you disconnected. Really turn inward and see what needs you have, what you have ignored, what you have avoided… 

Connect with those around you, too. We aren’t meant to be alone. We need touch, contact, connection, and understanding. It is vital to our well-being. We seem to have forgotten that.

And we need to connect to, heal, and love the Earth as well. She is our Mother—and literally the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the nourishment we sustain ourselves with. Caring for her welfare ensures our own welfare. Our survival. 

We are one with the Earth. We are one with our families, our societies, our neighborhoods. And we need to be centered within ourselves.

There is still time. We can connect, heal, love. We all need it. Primally. Viscerally. 

The need is echoing in the energy that swirls around us each and every day. Those of us who are tuned in feel it. Connect, heal, love.

Are you ready? Let’s begin.

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