Alison Smith is an Astrologer from Wales, UK who has been working as an Astrologer and Intuitive for more than 25 years! She’s passionate about unlocking the energies of retrogrades.

In this episode, we talk about what retrogrades are and how you can use their energy.

There’s no need to fear a Mercury Retrograde when you understand what to avoid and what to do more of when it is “moving backward in the sky.”


Alison Smith is an Astrologer from Wales, UK. She has worked professionally as an astrologer and intuitive for more than 25 years. Alison empowers people to step into their powerful planetary aspects that occur around age 40 and beyond!

Belonging in our Age of Wisdom unlocks soul career, core message and so much more.

Alison Smith has given talks, led workshops, held group programs and given astrological chart readings all over the UK and appeared in magazines and on local radio stations. But especially dear to her heart has always been sharing the information that the stars have to shift us all forwards into Creating.
Nothing is fated or absolute destiny as we all have free will and decide our choices through life!  She feels that astrology gives us information about where our best choices may be and permission to be more …

Alison loves cake, live music, camping and watching the seasons as they turn!

In this episode, we talk about:

  • The fact that retrogrades are times when planets appear to move backward in the sky.
  • How astrology is a practical tool for tuning into the cycles of the earth and our own lives.
  • Retrograde energy isn’t about “backwards”.
  • How you can make the best use of retrograde energy.
  • Questions you can ask yourself during retrogrades.
  • 2022 Retrogrades and what we can expect in the coming years.
  • Some of the basic building blocks of astrology and how they influence cycles of nature.
  • Do solar flares affect our astrological patterns and energies?
  • The influence of Chiron in many people’s charts—especially women who are interested in healing careers.

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Alison’s Website
Star Clarity, Earth Magic Facebook Group
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