On the eve of 2020, as Australia burns ferociously, I invite you to use the power and energy of your words to create a different future.
Never underestimate your personal power to create a new reality, despite the difficulties we face together at this time in history.
This invocation is a prayer of harmony and conscious communion with the earth.
We have disrespected her in too many ways, for too long. A new approach is being asked of us.
You are invited to join me in actively requesting a different future. The cosmos is listening for our desires.
To contribute your energy to the creation of a new earth, please read this out loud three times, bringing your full presence and potency to this request.


In the resonance of pure, unlimited consciousness I invoke and activate the creation of a new earth, in total communion with the earth and all who depend on her for life.
I command that our water is restored to its rightful flow.
I command that our air and water be purified and free of destructive interference.
I command that our forests be sustained and regenerated, covering their natural habitats.
I command the actualisation of nurturing and generative habitats for all animals, birds, insects etc seeking life.
I command that the structural integrity of the earth’s crust be restored.

I command earth’s crystalline networks be upgraded to their fullest capacity.
I command that the true role of the earth in supporting our aliveness is fully acknowledged and included in the choices of all who engage with her.
I fully activate my awareness of ecological systems, that the earth may come alive and thrive.
And so it is.”
Please be clear, this is not ‘thoughts and prayers’… it is a demand for a different future.
It is a direct energetic request for change in how natural resources are allocated and governed, and an expansion in our awareness of how the ecology of our planet works.
With much gratitude for your contributions and may 2020 bring each of us harmony, peace and possibility.

This Invocation was shared with permission from Lisa Murray

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