Would you like to see the A-Zs of Astrology – or rather of life here on earth!?

  1. Astrology & astronomy used to be one and the same. The study of the stars. Problems arose (like – is it science?) and, by the 18th century, these two disciplines were regarded as separate.
  2. Bodies … planets / stars / asteroids … contain, beam out, receive, energy.
  3. Conjunct is where planetary bodies are next to each other – cosy – energies are blended to create something different.
  4. Direct means that the planetary body is moving forwards … as seen from Earth.
  5. Earth is our current habitat.
  6. Florence was the home for Galileo for much of his life in the 16th century. Galileo provided evidence to confirm Copernicus theory that the Sun and other planets did not revolve around the Earth. Radical thinking.
  7. Geology studies the rocks and the make-up of earth. So can geology explain the miracle of life?
  8. Horary astrology (a favourite of mine although one shouldn’t have favourites!) draws a chart for the specific time of a question and can offer very clear answers!
  9. If the Moon affects gravity and our tides … it becomes logical that other stars and planets can affect us too!
  10. Jupiter is the great planet of expansion.
  11. Kepler was a 17th century scientist – astronomy, astrology, mathematics. He discovered much that we use today and his first ‘law’ is that the planets move around the Sun (we knew that in the 16th century!) but … in orbits shaped like ellipses. This was new.
  12. Latitude and longitude are used to give us co-ordinates to understand where the stars and planets are at any moment in time.
  13. Mother and the maternal can be represented by the Moon in a birth chart.
  14. Natal Chart is a chart of the moment of birth.
  15. Oppositions in your chart, or from planets in the sky aspecting those of your birth chart, are opportunities for lessons and growth.
  16. Pluto offers opportunities to look deeply within.
  17. Quest always. We are here to grow and evolve on our journey. Question and seek!
  18. Reality beckons. Look at the stars and the Moon right now! Marvel at this amazing universe in which we live.
  19. Sun is our star.
  20. Time of birth gives us the position of the horizon and then we can arrange the birth chart into houses giving us information about how the signs of the zodiac affect different parts of our lives.
  21. Uranus is the planet of invention and the glyph (symbol) looks like a TV antenna which is very apt.
  22. Venus is the planet of love and beauty and art … and also prompts where balance is needed.
  23. Why astrology? Well, it gives us permission to be our best self, explore ourselves and brings awareness of the help available from the Universe!
  24. eXciting to be here, living on this planet, at this time, with YOU!
  25. YOU! You are unique. It is so very rare to find someone who is born at the exact moment, and in the exact place, of your birth. Even twins will have different birth charts! You are unique.
  26. Zoology is the study of animals in their habitat. Astrology offers in-depth understanding together with knowledge of evolution … for a person or moment or event … or you!



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