Is he an angel?

Most People may think that angels are beings that are just mentioned in the bible or other religious sectors. They think they are celestial beings that Inhabit the heavens and are of God, who are God’s messengers, it is said.

Would you believe me when I tell you angels do exist in the physical and non-physical realms? I have experienced their influence in my life from an early age, guiding me forwards, and helping me on my spiritual path.

I will never forget the first time I heard a Heavenly voice to warn me of danger. It was when I was driving home from my friend’s house. I was heading back home in my car after visiting her when I heard this deep male voice. This voice told me there was a fast-approaching vehicle, but I couldn’t see it yet. It was going to come round the corner that I was approaching. I was instructed to slow down and drive further to the left-hand side of the road, so I could avoid the oncoming vehicle. It was at this point I also received a movie type clip of information played to me through my third eye (the penial gland), showing me how it would play out. Sure enough, the car did come speeding around the corner, and it’s driver looked shocked to see me, his eyes were wide at the sight of me in my car. So due to the correct information given to me by this deep godly voice, I managed to avert hitting the other car and having a head-on crash. I was so grateful for the intervention of the divine guidance that day.

I have heard stories of angels intervening when people’s lives were being threatened, or when people were in the darkness of their hours of need, an angel has appeared with a message. I can say I didn’t know if to believe those stories or not. I just think I didn’t expect an angelic intervention would happen to me. I am so honoured to receive the love and support of the angels.

I’ve had experiences with the spirit realms from an early age. I did and still do believe anything is possible, even though I don’t understand all of it, or how it all fits together. I have had no guidance or anyone to talk about my experiences really—well not in the realm of the living—because I was the only one in my family who was sensitive to spirit energy and messages. It was a lonely path, and I believe the angels knew this so they made it their place to see my isolation in my gift and lead me into the light.

They have continued to help me in my life, so I wish to share some of my encounters with these beautiful beings of the divine.

The Hair Cut

I was living in Scotland about 15 years ago, and my life was tough. This period in my life was not as much about my own personal growth but helping someone else. Unfortunately, that person didn’t receive that help well and abused my kindness. All of this affected my own well-being and knocked the emotional stuffing out of me.

One particular day started the same as any other working day. I caught the train and walked up into the town to the barbershop I was working in. It was a cold grey day in Elgin Aberdeenshire, with no one around. I had my home situation on my mind, feeling I needed to do something to change it. I was miles from my family, feeling isolated and stuck. I felt trapped and alone in my home situation, and I was the only one that could change it and I knew that—or so I thought.

The door to my work opened and a man walked in, jolting my thoughts back to the here and now. He closed the door and looked over at me with a smile on his face. I returned the smile and responded further with the greeting of ‘hello’. He hung his coat up and placed his rucksack on a chair in the waiting area. I was waiting at my barber chair and invited him over to take a seat. He took a seat and I covered him with a gown. Then I asked the gentleman how would he like his haircut. With his instructions, I started cutting his hair.

Our conversation started to flow and he asked me outright, ‘Do you believe in angels?’ I was a bit taken back at first by his direct question, but without really thinking, I blurted out, ‘Yes, I do.’ He said to me, ‘You are very sought-after by the angels, and you are very much loved.’ He continued on to say I needed to call upon them to help me more.

I was blown away by what he was saying to me and needed a moment to process the meaning of what he was saying to me.

At this point, all I was hearing from my own spirit guides was ‘he’s an angel’ over and over again. I was wondering how could he be an angel because he was in a physical body.

He continued to talk to me about the angels, telling me that I was never alone and that I should call upon the angels for help more often. He then informed me that the angels have no free will and need to be invoked to help me. He told me to ask them for help and guidance in my life, and that they were never far away from me.

My mind was whirling around with all that he was saying. I was trying to retain all the information he was telling me. How I actually managed to cut his hair I will never know! I finished his hair cut and walked with him towards the front of the shop to take his money.

My mind was full of everything he had said; I was going over and over it in my mind. I took his money and thanked him for all his information and kind words. I was in a daze, because all he had said felt surreal to me like I was dreaming.

He went to his coat and put it on, then he picked up his rucksack and, looking straight in my eyes, he said to me: ‘Oh by the way, they always carry bags, ’ meaning angels always do! He winked at me with a big grin on his face, placed his rucksack over his shoulder, and said ‘goodbye’ as he walked out of the shop.

I was literally rooted to the spot. I started to think I would see him again, that he would be back in for a haircut. I was trying to convince myself I would see him again. I was trying to talk myself what I had just witnessed and felt. I was in shock and kept going over what he had said to me. Still, my own spirit guides were telling me he was an angel and I wouldn’t see him again.

I continued to work in that shop for nearly a year longer and I never did see him again, but I obliviously have never forgotten my encounter that day. I truly do believe I met an angel.

Since that day I have had other Angel encounters in the physical world, which I would like to share with you.


The Cookbook

This angel encounter only happened a few years ago while I was living in Hertfordshire.

It was my day off and I needed to visit my bank to deposit some money. To my annoyance, when I got there, the deposit machine was broken and I had to wait in the queue for a cashier. So there I was, waiting in the queue, willing them to hurry things along when a guy joined the queue behind me. I actually felt his presence before he reached me. With a big smile on his face, he looked me straight in my eyes. He then randomly asked if I liked Indian food. I reply ‘yes,’ then he asked me if I liked cooking. I turned to engage with him further. He had such an infectious beaming smile and I returned the smile and answered, ‘YES I DO ‘. He took his rucksack off his shoulder, reached inside it, and pulled out a cookbook. He handed it to me, saying, ‘I want you to have this ‘. I accepted it and thanked him for the book. I offered him some money for it, which he didn’t want to accept it but I made him. I thank him again, and then it was my turn to be served.

I deposited my money and left the bank. I stepped outside and decided to wait for him to come out. I just wanted to thank him again for the book. I waited quite a while and he still hadn’t come out. I could hear my own spirit guides telling me he wasn’t coming out. Eventually, I walked over to the banks’ window and peered in, looking towards the side of the bank where the cashiers were. I couldn’t see him anywhere, so decided I should head home.

I knew that he was an angel before Spirit told me. If his bright, vivacious energy didn’t give him away, his bag/rucksack did. I headed home in awe of another magical meeting with the divine in the physical. I still have the book to remind me of the encounter and how real it was.

In The Bar

My last meeting with an angel in human form I would like to share with you is more recent. I went to meet a friend of mine for dinner one evening and we randomly decided to go to the pub for a few before we finished our evening together.

We made our way to the pub, which was full of chatter. When we entered the bar, we both noticed a mutual friend sitting inside who looked rather inebriated. We both pulled up a stool to sit with her.

I headed to the bar to get us a drink. I got our drinks and headed back over to the girls. When I sat back down, I joined in the conversation with the girls.

I looked at my inebriated friend, thinking, bless her she is really wasted. It was then I noticed—directly in front of me—an opening in the ceiling. It was like a door sliding across with this bright white light beaming down directly to the floor. I had never seen such a bright white light before or since then. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I was thinking, I’m not drunk I haven’t had any alcohol yet. I quickly looked over to the girls, but they were still chatting amongst themselves.

I was drawn back to this super bright light beaming down. It was then when I saw an angel floating down. I know it sounds a bit crazy, but this is exactly how it happened. I couldn’t move. I was totally transfixed on this most beautiful being.

I couldn’t believe my eyes! I was actually staring at an angel, on with massive wings that were folded behind his shoulders. He was dressed all in white with a beautiful serene way about him.

He floated to the floor and then he started to walk towards me. I was transfixed on every movement he made. I felt so peaceful in these moments, certainly not scared. My mind and eyes were trying to register what they were seeing and take it all in. The beauty of this being of the divine was absolutely breathtaking.

He walked toward and stopped right in front of me. Then he clearly spoke to me. He told me his name was ‘Nathaniel’.

I could tell the girls didn’t see him. I just sat there for a moment, totally speechless, looking at an angel. It was then my inebriated friend stood up to say she was heading home, stumbling backward slightly and being unsteady on her feet. It was Nathaniel who came to her aid to steady her.

I had watched as he walked towards her. Then he shook out his huge wings one at a time and proceeded to envelop her with his wings. It was a beautiful moment to witness—this godly being of light showing unconditional love for my friend. The moment he held her in his wings, he began to just fade away and I couldn’t see him anymore. I knew he was still there though because I could still feel his presence. My inebriated friend was in no fit state to get home by herself so I walked her home.

I have the pleasure of working with these dimensional beings of the heavenly realms in my life daily. Even when they are not visible to me, I know angels are there. I can go to the supermarket, I can have a basket full of shopping, and the cashier will scan it through and then look puzzled at the price as they know it should be more.

The Angelic interventions that have occurred in my life are a magical phenomenon, one I never wish to end. I am truly blessed by the presence of the Angels in my life.

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