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Soul Sisters Alexandra Karakopoulou and Sue Ellis-Saller are back again with their tarotscope and horoscope forecasts for April 2022!

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Important Astrological Dates for April

New Moon in Aries April 1 – There’s a new beginning happening right now. There is a fiery feeling to it.
Full Moon April 16th in Libra –  Dealing with relationships and balance in your life.
Solar Eclipse on the 30th – This can be deeply cleansing. This will revolve around world-issues, like the environment.
New Moon in Taurus This might be a time for a makeover so you feel better about yourself or to remodel your home, adding hints of luxury to your surrounding environment.

Tarot Card of the Month – Strength

Master your fears. Be curious, not repelled by what you are afraid of. Confront and overcome them.

April Tarot and Horoscope Forecasts


Motto of the month: Set your boundaries!

April brings you flowers, my impulsive Aries. Planetary conjunctions bring you beautiful opportunities and open special doors for you. You reconnect with old friends; you meet interesting new people. Your finances are also in a very good shape. Nearly all of you may have some financial boost. The money may arrive from real estate, loved ones or credits. Furthermore, you enjoy your family life, your love life and your friends. Any house projects are going well. If you wish to discuss serious issues, do it now. Kiss and make up! Even with all this action, your health and energy are extremely good!

Two of Wands Reversed

This month might feel challenging to you, Aries, especially if you want to plan. Partnerships might go awry, and contracts might need to be renegotiated, or just not be what you had hoped for.

Remember to take your experience into consideration. It will help you find your way forward. Remember that Divine Timing is a factor in all things, and you just might not have the right opportunities in place, or it just might not be the right time. It’s OK to check back in with your passion and motivation and see if you need to readjust your course.


Motto of the month: Sky is the limit!

You rock in April, my stable Taurus. It seems that you can count on the stars and most important, on the people next to you. Luck is on your side. The time is now to solve any misunderstandings, to take back the harsh words, to get closer. Even in your work life, thigs will develop in your favor. Your finances are neutral. It seems that your income is stable without any big surprises. Your personal life and of course your love life will flourish. A stormy romance, sexy times, flirts. Just be aware of big expectations, have fun. The energy level is also high throughout the month. However, if your body tells you to stop, listen and obey. Clear your mind of any stressful thoughts and enjoy the ride.

Page of Swords

It feels like a breath of fresh air is entering your life. You’re able to think about things from a different perspective and see different opportunities available to you. This new information will help get things rolling forward again.

Also, you might meet someone who is young-at-heart—full of inspirational ideas that might not be fully formed or developed but will still leave you feeling inspired.


Motto of the month: Take the chance!

What a great month is April also for you, my communicative Gemini. What started as a small idea can be real. Start working on them and find the support you wish for. Feed your passion for work and saw the seeds. Financially, your present looks good and improving. All expenses are the usual ones. However, you may neglect your loved ones or your partner, because of all this work. You just manage to be everywhere, and your energy is so high, that you can actually do it. You are charming, sexy and fresh. Your health is really good, and you have no such reason to be worried.

Knight of Pentacles

This month, it’s time to get grounded, stable, and keep your eye on the target. Work diligently toward your goals, dear Gemini, and they will bear fruit for you in the long run.

You might also be called upon to be a good friend this month. Someone will need your stability and steadfast energy to help them weather a crisis. Thankfully, you have strong shoulders.

Also, you might meet someone with the above characteristics – someone stable, who is a good friend and confidant. They aren’t riding off and sharing your secrets with the world. They’ll keep them for you and help you find stability.


Motto of the month: Do you see the light?

Forget all your troubles in April, my sensitive Cancer. Now you see clearly that all your work is appreciated, your new projects are a fact and nice relationships with your colleagues occur. What a nice month! If you wish to begin with seminars, a new study, now is the time. Your finances are stable and shorted out. Nothing extravagant is coming. Your love life may guide you abroad or maybe he or she are under your nose. A nice romantic trip is also in the planning. Be careful of past health issues and listen to your body more. Your energy is nice and focused on your inner self.

Six of Cups Reversed

It feels like a breath of fresh air is entering your life. You’re able to think about things from a different perspective and see different opportunities available to you. This new information will help get things rolling forward again.

Also, you might meet someone who is young-at-heart—full of inspirational ideas that might not be fully formed or developed but will still leave you feeling inspired.


Motto of the month: Be patient!

Hard realizations has April for you, my glamorous Leo. Even if your work environment is not the best for you now, you have faced it before and you know how to confront all these toxic issues. Reach an agreement that suits you. Financial and moral agreements are favored. Money won’t be a big issue, but you should be aware of sudden expenses. Your family life as also your love life has past issues. Divorcing partners will have to negotiate more. If you wish to expand your family, then do it and hope for the best. Be careful of your mood swings, because of the effect on your health. Take some days off and do what your heart desires!

Queen of Pentacles Reversed

You might feel off balance this month, Leo. Your home and finances aren’t harmonious, and that is going to reverberate into everything you do. Think about how you can use this mess to bring more balance and harmony into your life.

You might also meet a person who seems disorganized, financially insecure, and ungrounded. They might be having some issues in their home life as well. Will you become a catalyst for change for this person?


Motto of the month: Hold on!

Discipline, focus and hard work are the keywords for April, my organizational Virgo. All your tasks are going to convince your supporters. If you wish to make it professionally, this is the way to achieve it. New faces, meetings and interesting conversations won’t be missing this month. Don’t forget your goals. You might experience changes in your personal life. If you waited for stability for so long, you might feel it finally. If you are planning to travel, it will be favored around the end of the month. Be aware between the New Moon (1st and 2nd of April) and Full Moon (15th and 17th April) and try not to overreact and go to extremes.

Six of Pentacles

This month will be about the spirit of generosity for you, dear Virgo. Make sure that any sort of loans you give or take have realistic terms attached and aren’t given (or taken) with strings attached. Someone who needs money isn’t necessarily on a different level than the person who has more. Don’t allow yourself—or anyone in your life—to play power games based on cash and resources.


Motto of the month: Make real plans!

A lot of thoughts are in your mind in April, my diplomatic Libra. Yes, a lot is happening, and you must consider everything. You can strengthen your professional skills, your relationships, meet new people or expand your business. A flirt in the office? Whoever is holding you back, will step on the side please. Your finances are good this month. You might even see some income from outside sources. The love environment and your family life are under pressure. Keep calm and leave space. Understand more and talk more. Take care of your health more and your lifestyle in general. It is a good time to ask your body what it needs. A massage? Meditation courses? Some good sleep? Avoid stressful situations.

The Lovers Reversed

The Lovers isn’t only about finding a partner and falling in love, it’s also about making choices that you feel are aligned with your soul. This month, my dear Libra, you might not feel like you have a choice, especially when it comes to love.

Are you being encouraged to pursue things you don’t really want for your life? Do you feel like you don’t really like the options that are set out in front of you, or you don’t feel like you have a choice? Remember, this is temporary. If you can, put off deciding or acting until the right option appears.


Motto of the month: Organize it!

Work routine is the key word for April, my secretive Scorpio. Yes, you face a lot or obligations, changes and you need all the attention you can get. New projects, meetings, new faces will favor your business plans. Communication is on and helps you to achieve your goals. Your finances are good, stable with a very good future increase. Good surprises are on your way. Try your luck! Even with so much work, you find time for your loved ones, your partner, your family. You are about to go more out, flirt, enjoy, eat, drink. 

The World

This is the end of one phase and the beginning of a new one for you, dear Scorpio. Try to take the lessons you learned from your past experience and use them as a foundation for the next level of your journey.

Balance and harmony will play a key role for you as you do move forward. Make sure that take all things into consideration—emotional, financial, intellectual, and your motivation—to plan the next phase of your life. You might find you shift things entirely. It’s OK if you do.


Motto of the month: Think clever!

April tests you, my travelling Sagittarius. At work, home, in your daily life. Don’t worry though, you will manage everything. If you think outside of the box, you’ll find all the solutions to the issues. Your finances are looking also good. You profit from other sources, too. Even those seriously frightening expenses will go smooth. On the other hand, your personal life looks interesting. A new home, a big construction, a repair that lasts longer than you thought, are all major steps in life. Happy gatherings, meeting with friends and loved ones, this month has more to offer. Your energy is high and your health really good. Cosmetic treatments or wardrobe changes are favored.

Ace of Wands

The seed of a new passion has been planted, dear Sagittarius, and it’s probably pretty exciting. You will feel like you know exactly what you want, and you will be restless to take steps in the directions of your new obsession. Remember to give this fire all it needs to grow. Will it be a flash in the pan kind of fleeting desire or something that will rage for a longer time? Time will tell.


Motto of the month: Make way!

New goals and recovering from old burdens are in for April, my workaholic Capricorn. You should focus on the contacts that are coming from abroad. Negotiations, cooperations and opportunities in your professional life will occur. Your finances are improving slowly. You don’t have these big expenses like before. The planet of life lessons Saturn is still on you, tests you and brings you more obstacles though but if you plan everything, you will manage. Your personal like gets affected by the changes in the past. Don’t worry, the atmosphere will be calm and harmonious. Your health is good, and your energy boosted, even if you are working, working, working!

Four of Pentacles

This seems like your kind of month, dear Capricorn. Money and security are the focus. You will be working toward creating more stability in your life, just make sure that you don’t cut yourself off from everything around you in the pursuit of material stability. This is a reminder to make a conscious effort this month to lift your head out of your work this month. Schedule dates and downtime into your planner.


Motto of the month: Curiosity killed the cat!

Action and Enterprising has April for you, my airy Aquarius. This month is promising and favors any legal problems that need solution now. You may go on a successful trip. Financially, this month is one of the best for you. You might even have extra income from other sources. Your personal life seems calm and harmonious. Even if you must manage almost everything and everybody, you will tackle it all. Relationships with relatives are very intense and need attention. Dynamic Mars, sensual Venus and planet of life Lessons Saturn are all in your sign at the first days of April so stories from the past come along and need your attention. If you maintain a healthy lifestyle, then you have nothing to fear.

The World

Endings and new beginnings are on the horizon for you this month, dear Aquarius. You’ll find yourself wrapping up a phase in your life—a relationship, a job, a project—and you’ll be ready to take on the next big thing that comes into your life or the next phase in your journey.

Make sure you take everything into account—what you learned, your experiences, what you want and don’t want—and use that to feed into the next project or phase in your life. Onward and upward!


Motto of the month: Stay inspired!

You must try harder in April, my dreamy Pisces. If you stay focused and try more without losing your goal out of sight, you will solve all your issues. The second half of the month is more helpful for your professional matters. Financially, you are in a stable situation. Nothing extravagant. Even if you experience “stormy weathers” in your personal relationships it will smooth over. Don’t hesitate to take the first step in order to harmonize the atmosphere. Discussions are also in for this month, especially in the last 10 days. Lucky Jupiter and dreamy Neptune are in your sign, so the energy is high. Your health looks pretty good, and you can enjoy life more.

Queen of Cups

The Queen of Cups is all about being centered, secure, and connected to your emotional world, dear Pisces. It is the ultimate fulfilment of your watery temperament and the way you interact with the world.

You’ll feel calm and secure this month. You will be able to nurture the people around you and keep your own emotions in a positive flow while doing so. Looks like a month made in heaven for you.

You might also meet someone who is totally aligned with their emotional world, who can share openly, give advice, and allow the things they see, hear, and feel to gently flow through their experience. This person is a wonderful confidant and advisor.

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