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Welcome to Ask The Angels. This will be a weekly column for anyone who has a question for the angels. Answered will be channeled by a variety of Angel Healers, Therapists, and Channels.

Eugene’s Question for the Angels:

Question: A Catholic priest who claimed to have powers said a woman I knew growing up that died is in hell and is getting revenge by making my life horrible. He said she has a black mirror that can see my life as it is now to make my dreams come less than later. I have a feeling I know this person, and I need a prayer to get this vindictive person out for good.

The Angels say:

When people pass over, they see the world in a different light. They do not hold onto anger or judgment of the living They achieve a higher level of understanding of your role in the evolution or progression of their soul’s journey.

It’s more likely that you are judging yourself about past mistakes you have made and need to forgive yourself. Do you need to ask this woman’s soul for forgiveness? Do you need to say you are sorry? Are you living your life in a different way now?

Ask Archangel Michael to help you cut cords with this woman’s energy. Breathe deeply and imagine yourself surrounded by a beautiful cobalt blue light. Feel protected. Feel embraced. Now, imagine Archangel Michael’s golden sword traveling through every area of your aura, cutting away any energetic cords that are no longer serving you, and also trimming away any excessive energetic cords that are a part of your aura.

Do not fear cutting energetic cords you would like to maintain. They will remain but will be trimmed back to a much healthier level.

If there are any energies that need to be removed from your space, ask Archangel Michael to bring in the Carrions, who are a band of Angels that deals exclusively with removing low-frequency, demonic feeling energies. Ask them to lovingly surround and embrace any energies that have been cut away from you and return them to the Source, to ‘heaven’ to be transmuted into light once more.

Then call on Archangel Chamuel to fill your soul with love—self-love, too. Imagine a shimmering pink, white, and soft, sea-green light filling you from your heart center.

Inhale love from the Angels, from the Divine and exhale gratitude for the experience.

The Angels have nothing but love for you and are here to help you out, no matter what issues you hold in your heart.

With blessings.
Channeled by Sue Ellis-Saller

Angelic Mandala

Adrienne’s Question for the Angels:

I’ve been a long term relationship and I’m so lost as to if I’m supposed to commit myself to this relationship for the long haul or look to move on from it? Is this something you can help with?

The Angels Say:

My dear sweet child. Love is moments.

It is the feeling of a warm embrace, the energy you get when you think of being with someone. Enjoy it in the moment, without giving too much worry toward the future.

If you feel that this relationship isn’t serving you or that your partner isn’t as committed as you are, call on Archangel Ariel to help you evaluate if it would be more loving toward yourself by moving on. You can still love a person and hold a warm space for that person in your heart without being ‘in’ a relationship with that person.

Hear To Heart Conversations card

I also pulled a card for you from the Angels of Romance Deck and it was the Heart-To-Heart Conversations card. It’s time for you to sit your partner down and express your true feelings and desires for your relationship. See if they are a match with your partner’s. You don’t need to chase or sit on the sidelines, waiting for this person to come to you. You should be able to talk openly about what you want and be honest about what you’d like for the future. Of course, a relationship IS made of two people and there are times when you won’t see eye to eye or have the same end in mind. If this is the truth of the matter, you have to decide if you want to continue giving the relationship your time and energy. Without that honest and open conversation, you will remain in the dark about

Wishing you the best,
Sue Ellis-Saller

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