Today, we had a fabulously interesting conversation with Kari Hohne about Astrology, Dreams, & Archetypes in Modern Society.

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In this episode, we talk about:

  • Similarities and differences in Eastern and Western divination tools, like Tarot versus IChing.
  • How societies across time have used many of the same stories and archetypes to describe and understand major themes.
  • Integrating nature and elements into our understanding of evolution.
  • How events, like Covid and wars, shift society and what we focus on.
  • Finding the middle road—not needing to label things as good/bad and finding a natural balance.
  • How Mars and aggression as an archetype can be considered an impregnating/transformational energy.
  • The cyclical, transformational energy and nature of Chaos.
  • The positive side of nightmares.
  • Is there wisdom to be had in our daily dreams (not nightmares or really vivid dreams)
  • How synchronicity fits into dream interpretation — and how we construct reality.
  • The Collective Consciousness and how it fits in with dreams and Astrology.
  • Yin and Yang and how “positive” and “negative” experiences drive transformation.

Insightful Quotes

“We can trust that nature knows what it’s doing; it’s been doing it forever.” – Kari Hohne

“Become the master of your response. Hover at the doorway of your perception. Let it flow because it knows where to go.” – Kari Hohne

“Take away the boundary between the dream and the experience. What would life look like if you acknowledge both for being completely necessary for our growth?”

More about Kari Hohne and her work

Kari Hohne is a dream analyst, artist and author, she explores spirituality through nature. She shares her passion through her music, books, apps & free online self-help tools on her popular website

She has translated many ancient texts into books and has developed popular apps, which received New and Noteworthy recognition at iTunes.

Possible topics include: how working with dreams can enhance mindfulness, how her award-winning album God of Drum uses drumming for chakra awakening or her books that reveal the common thread among eastern and western beliefs.

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