The summer is almost here and many parents are anxious about what they can do to keep their children engaged in fun, inspiring, and memorable activities that are safe and affordable. At the same time, many spiritual entrepreneurs are wondering what they can do to draw in more clients during what can often be a slow time for their type of business.

The first thought that many spiritual practitioners might have regarding the summer slump in business is to just go with the flow. Many will take this time as a break for themselves if they feel the need for an escape from the daily grind. It’s important to take time off to nourish our own body, mind, and spirit. But what if that’s not financially feasible for you right now?

To revitalize your spiritual business this summer and also give the kids something productive to do, you could start age-appropriate spiritual programs for young children and teens. These programs can include an array of activities that introduce kids to yoga, meditation, angels, ascended masters, chakras, crystals, color/sound/aromatherapy, and much more. You could also create programs that families can attend together and encourage them to spend some of their summer vacation time at a spiritual retreat for the entire family!

Scientific studies like those described in the book, THE SPIRITUAL CHILD: The New Science of Parenting for Health and Lifelong Thriving, by Lisa Miller, Ph. D., Professor of Psychology & Education and Founding Director of the Spirituality & Mind Body Institute at Teachers College, Columbia University in New York, NY have shown that children who have a strong spiritual connection are less likely to become depressed, suffer from anxiety, or become substance abusers. Spiritually minded kids are more likely to be happy and confident. There is also empirical evidence that indicates children with a solid spiritual foundation enjoy a strong sense of self-purpose and a high rate of academic achievement.

So what are you waiting for? Get started now on that new spiritual summer program for kids and their parents. Summer will be here soon!

If you already have a program like this that you are offering this summer or know of one, please share it by submitting your comment below. Also, if you have ideas or suggestions that you would like to share on this topic, please feel free to submit them as well. Your general questions and comments are also welcomed and appreciated.

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