I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Judy Machado, Founder of Goddess Temple Cacao. We talked about her discovery of using Cacao in cacao ceremonies as a plant medicine to open and expand the heart chakra and shift your life.

Plant medicines help to lift your consciousness to dissolve duality and help humans evolve.

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  • Cacao is a plant medicine, but it is NOT a psychedelic, but it is a plant medicine teacher.
  •  When you drink it with intention in a cacao ceremony, the cacao starts to work with you. Intention is the key to working with cacao.
  • Cacao is a very gentle master plant medicine that helps us open up our hearts.
  • “The only way to raise in consciousness—to expand our consciousness—is to change our belief, because our belief is what creates our reality.”
  • Cacao ceremonies helps us to slow down, open your heart, connect you with your creativity, sprinkle your stories into your awareness, and allow you to see different perspectives.
  • When you work with cacao, it can help you connect with your feelings. It helps you express the love you are in a physical way.
  • Humanity is ready for the transformation that cacao brings.
  • The wisdom comes from within. Cacao ceremonies can help you connect with your own intuition.
  • There are several different vitamins and minerals present in cacao.
  • Theobromine, or the “food of the gods” in Greek, is a nourishing food that supports a person’s holistic health. The fruit of a cacao plant tastes good, too!
  • Cacao can help uplift our mood by stimulating the release of feel good neurotransmitters.

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