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Rachel Chamness

Rachel Chamness, Angelic & Elemental Channeler, Spiritual Counselor, & Sound Healer
Connecting you to Angelic & Elemental Helpers for a better life!

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Caroline Palmy

Caroline Palmy is a Heartflow Healer and Author from Switzerland. Heartflow Healing helps people heal from past relationship pain (parents, lovers, etc.), open up to self-love, and create healthy boundaries.

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Sue Ellis Saller

Sue Ellis-Saller is an Angel, Tarot, and Oracle Card Reader; a Certified Transformational Life Coach; a Reiki and Energy Healer; and a Business Mentor for Sensitive and Spiritual Entrepreneurs. read more…

Calista Ascension

Calista Ascension

Spiritual Leader, Award-Winning Author

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Cody Edner, Meditation and Intuitive Awareness Teacher

Cody Edner

Meditation and Intuitive Awareness Teacher

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David Gandelman - Meditation and Intuition Teacher

David Gandelman

Intuitive Reader and Teacher, Meditation Teacher and Guide

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Lisa Boswell

Award-winning Tarot reading teacher who specializes in teaching predictive Tarot, fortune-telling, and business

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Novalee Wilder

Novalee Wilder is a Danish actress and artist turned professional numerologist and writer living in Los Angeles, CA. read more…

Julianne Victoria

Julianne Victoria is a Spiritual Life Coach and Intuitive Healer.

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Kate Matheson

Helping Health and Wellness Practitioners build fully booked practices.

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Glenn Younger

Spiritual Author and Divine Soul Coach

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Cassidy Tene

I am a natural born psychic and healer with gifts. I offer psychic readings and spiritual healing as a genuine person with light.

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