Reiki Study Idea

Last fall I had the idea of getting some LightWorkers, Healers, and Reiki Masters/Practitioners together to do some pretty broad experiments with energy healing. I was already reaching out to some folks on my Facebook page and getting a good response. For some reason, I put the project on the backburner, though… until today.

The Idea

Everyone has a Fitbit or something similar these days, so it would likely be really easy to get personal data that was tracked by an independent third party. Many of these devices track things like real-time changes in blood pressure (with some models), heart rate, sleep patterns, and even menstrual health and fertility markers. If a person had been wearing their Fitbit for a while, we’d also have a baseline set of data that we could use for comparison.

We can start on-boarding potential recipients who have a Fitbit and who give consent for their data to be used (I’ll be setting up some Google Forms for this). We might also work with these volunteers in different ways: some days they would get Reiki or healing from a Reiki Practitioner, some days they would get “loving vibes” sent by someone who wasn’t attuned to any sort of energy healing modality, and a control group that wasn’t sent any sort of energy.

We’d also have to organize our recipient volunteers by their current fitness level, their chronic/ongoing health conditions, and their belief/non-belief in energy healing modalities.

It would be a lot of data to collect and compare, but it would be so worth it to get some concrete information on both short-term and long-term effects of energy healing. We could track heal rates for wounds or operations, cancer spread or remission, pain levels, and we could work with PTSD patients and kids with Autism. There are a lot of potential areas we could explore with energy healing.

We could also track the vital statistics of the healers as they worked to see if there was any sort of lasting effect those who were working with energy experienced.

Can we ease the pandemic?

During the current Covid-19 situation, we might actually have a unique opportunity to work with patients whose stats will be closely monitored (in ICU units) and whose condition might very well be improved by energy healing. It would be awesome to find hospitals that we could work with—even/especially remotely—so that we could experiment on the people who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 or are suffering from symptoms that would be present if someone thought they had Coronavirus, but couldn’t get access to testing.

Reiki energy doesn’t have any negative side-effects, so it can be a wonderful addition to whatever treatment a person is currently receiving.

Of course, I would always recommend that a patient, client, or study volunteer worked closely with a trained, professional, certified doctor who specialized in any area the person had issues with. For example, if someone had a heart condition, I would recommend that person remained on any prescribed medication and also remained in close contact with their cardiologist.

If you would like to join me in this endeavor as a healing practitioner or as a recipient, please let me know. If you manage a hospital or care facility that would be interested in allowing us to work with your patients or to offer the opportunity to patience, please reach out!
You can send an email to or

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

Sue Ellis-Saller
Reiki Master
Editor in Chief, Spiritual Business Spotlight

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