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Spirit Circle with Megan Heldens, Saturday February 26th, 8:30 pm CET (2:30 pm EST)

This month’s theme is Signs and Synchronicities.

What is a Spirit Circle? During this Zoom call you are given messages of love and support from your loved ones in spirit and if needed you can ask questions. Messages can also come through from your Guardian Angel. At the end we have a group meditation or visualization so you can have a deeper message. The meditation portion is recorded. Hope you will join us! Sign up at SoulSpaceWithMeg


Tarot Reading Basics with Sue Ellis-Saller, Sunday February 27th, 7 pm CET (1 pm EST)

Learn the basics of tarot so you can start reading for yourself and others. This 101-style class will go over the history of tarot and also teach you how to easily and accurately interpret cards from the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana.


Boundary Magic in Coaching, Monday, February 28th

This one is for all the coaches, healers and therapists in our community, who are ready to break the old coaching paradigm, and fully work in integrity with their soul.  

I am excited to share that doors are open to register for a highly recommended *free* Soul-based Coaching skills Masterclass

Annemiek van Helsdingen and her team at the Academy for Soul-based Coaching will guide you through fundamental Soul-based coaching principles that have incredibly powerful effects — no matter what your current practice looks like.

1000s of people worldwide have benefitted from their teachings so far, and we are so excited to extend that opportunity to you too!


The live training happens on February 28th, so now is the time to sign up.
You can find more details here: The Academy for Soul-based Coaching


ART FOR SELF-CARE: Chakra Sets: Third-Eye Chakra Painting Session, Sunday February 27th, 3:00pm EST

This class focuses on using our intuition and imagination as a guiding system in manifesting our big dreams. We will be using the chakra symbols for the Third Eye chakra and our own intentions for staying focused on our goals.

Learn more here

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APRIL 2022

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Crystals, Grids, and Sacred Geometry Intensive, April 22nd, 10 am – 4 pm

If you have interest in understanding the connections and energetic cords that connect us all, if ley lines make your ears perk up, if you can see us all as a collective and we are ourselves a grid, this might be a great class for you.

We will also be exploring how to develop relationship with crystals and with the land around you so you can better see and understand what the Earth needs.

Join me in this very cool exploration of one of the most incredible life forces on our planet.

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