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pretty woman with light skin, blue eyes, and long, light-brown hairOur featured Pick-A-Card Reading for today was prepared by Lizbeth Russell, M.Ed., HHP, RMT. Lizbeth is a compassionate psychic medium who has helped clients figure things out for over 40 years. She offers angel, tarot, and mediumship readings. Lizbeth is also an experienced intuitive herbalist & Reiki master-teacher who creates popular products and teaches about herbs. You can find her at her website (www.lindentreeintuitive.com), and on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (@lindentreeintuitive).

Lizbeth used Queen of the Moon Oracle (Stacey Demarco, art by Kinga Britschgi, © 2018, Rockpool Publishing)


the back of three dark blue oracle cards with yellow moons

Relax, take a deep breath, and choose the Left-Hand card, the Middle card, or the Right-Hand card. Remember, too – if you come across this post after May 9th, you can also choose a card to get your message.

Which card did you choose?

You can find your card’s special message below:

Card 1: Release (Waning Crescent 4) – It’s time to release old habits, belief systems, memories, grudges – anything that is keeping you earthbound in an unhealthy way. Go through the obstacles, rather than around them. Think of it as buried treasure that has remained untouched for long enough. These things were hidden to protect yourself and are no longer needed. Shed light on it, send it off with a blessing. Acknowledge them. This is the Shadow Work that cannot be avoided. Affirm: “I release you with blessings and gratitude. I welcome in abundant, new blessings.”

Card 2: Trust (Egg Moon) – What is keeping you from completely trusting yourself? What holds you back from stepping into your authenticity, your personal power? Go within, through meditation or prayer, and fin the stillpoint of your own spirit. Spend some time there, getting to know yourself again. Re-affirm or re-learn faith in yourself, your intuition, and your gifts. Love yourself – all of you, the good, the bad, the unsure. Reconnect with your inner child to heal the wounds. Affirm: “I love, honor, and trust myself.”

Card 3: Boundaries (Waning Gibbous 3) – Boundaries aren’t meant to keep others away. They are meant to help you self-advocate for what you need to stay healthy in body, mind, and spirit. Other people don’t have to like your boundaries. And you should not be changing them just to make others happy. Boundaries are meant to be as fluid as our lives, allowing for shifts and changes as we grow. They also require maintenance. Ask yourself where your boundaries need some care and possibly change. Affirm: “My boundaries help me maintain balance and peace of mind.”

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