This week, we are sharing a featured reading from Elisa Palma-Hancock.

beautiful blue eyed woman smilingElisa’s biggest passions have always been art and all things metaphysics. Her intuitive gifts developed early within a likeminded family: her beloved Grandma taught her to read cards when she was just a teen.
After an awakening experience, Elisa answered the call to do more of what she’d been doing all along: being a channel for Love, Positivity, and Spirit.
As an Akashic Records consultant and Holistic Healer, Elisa helps creatives transform their own inner blocks into clarity, confidence and self-love, and live purposefully both life and business.
Elisa is native Italian, and has found her home away from home on the sunny coasts of Florida. Find out more about Elisa’s work at:
Now let’s get on to the reading!

Back side of three tarot cards

To get the most out of this card spread, please take a few moments to focus on this question: What is important for me to know at this time?
Then, as you notice the question becoming clear in your mind and heart, look at the picture below and choose the card that your gaze is attracted to the most.
Since it’s a general reading, it will offer a mirror for self-reflection. Let the beautiful images and the deeper meaning of the words resonate with and enlighten your current experience.
three colorful tarot cards from the Akashic Records Tarot




1 – Arc. Michael (reversed)
It feels like you might have lost connection with your personal power. Maybe you even gave it away unknowingly – to someone, an idea or a habit that’s not serving your higher good. At all.

Maybe you know you’d like to take action on something important, but you feel confused and fearful. Arc. Michael is here to remind you that the first and most important step to take is to reconnect with your inner power.

There’s strength in you; whoever you’ve given your power away to, it’s now time to take it back.

How do you do that? By reminding yourself your right to be happy. By remembering how strong you are, more than you think. By calling in the supportive power of your Higher Self and Divine Allies such as Arc. Michael, who would happily lend you some of his courage to help you step through the dark.

Ask and believe you will receive.

Look at the picture in the card you chose: Arc. Michael’s heart is highlighted with beautiful golden light strands. The latin root of the word courage is “heart”.
Connect with your heart and you’ll find the strength you need to thrive.

2 – The Karmic Trench

This card is here to remind you that we’re all here on earth to learn our lessons and move past those old limiting ideas and emotions… and also that, more often than needed, we snap into a state of forgetfulness and keep on digging out the same holes and planting the same seeds. Which of course brings more of the same results.

Have you noticed unpleasant recurring patterns in your life, maybe a way of thinking or behaving? Are you feeling stuck?

If you picked this card, you’re more aware than you might know, and your inner guidance wants you to understand that it’s time to make different choices if you want to break this old pattern up.

Maybe it means to stop seeing someone. Maybe it’s about not giving any more energy than you already have, to those limiting ideas about yourself, your possibilities, your talents. Maybe it’s simply about deciding to commit to a new path for good, and ask for help if you need to. Deep within you know it.

The time is ripe… wouldn’t it feel wonderful to finally reap new, delicious fruit out of your efforts?

3 – The Queen of Roses (reversed)

This beautiful Queen has the beauty, balance and grace of someone who lives by the laws of love. As such, she is not afraid of happiness and manifests good for herself and others.

But what happens when she shows up reversed?

If you picked this card, chance is you really need to commit to loving yourself again.
I don’t mean this lightly.

Disharmony in our thoughts, feelings and body is very detrimental. We lose inspiration and fall back to old ways of feeling and acting. We end up keeping away the people and experience we long for the most.

Loving yourself means you appreciate you, wherever you’re at right now. Even if you tell yourself you’re broken, unlovable, unworthy. Start there, embrace yourself compassionately, and honor the fact that you’re giving yourself the power of choice.
You are the most important person in your life: are you showing yourself any of that? Do you eat food that nourish you, think thoughts that support you, hang out with people that show you appreciation and know your value?

Do you make time for rest, do you ask for what you need? Are you taking good care of yourself?

Remember, as soon as you’ll switch to loving yourself, no matter where you’re at right now, you’ll build your way up to embody that beautiful, balanced and graceful Queen of Roses.

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