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Headshot of a beautiful young woman with long, blonde hairHello. This is Rebecca Lee with Meaningful Guidance and here to do your three card pull for the month of

May, even though this is being done in May and a launching on May 30th.
is a timeless reading, so whenever you’re coming across this reading, it is the right
time for you. It’s the right message for you at that time.

All of the readings that I’ve done for Spirit include how to connect with your
your highest and most greatest version of who you are.

So this reading is not going to be any difference. It’s not a future telling
fortune telling kind of reading, but more of an integrative approach of how
can you be the best version of you.

Colorful tarot and oracle cards on a blue cloth
Okay. And so to do that, we’re going to start with an affirmation card. These
are Power Thought Cards by Louise Hay.

And so we’re just going to kind of listen to what spirit has to say for your
highest and your greatest good, how to connect with that. Really the
wonderful, the Capitol. My name is Rebecca. So the capital R version of
who I am and that capital version of who you are as well for you, listeners
and reader.

The card that you get is “My Thoughts Are Creative.” My thoughts are
creative. It says on the back, “I say OUT! to every negative thought that
comes into my mind, no person place or thing has any power over me for, I
am the only thinker in my mind. I create my own reality and everyone in it.

Now, if that isn’t something to really get you jump-started on the highest
and best version of who you are and getting out of your own way, it’s really
getting those negative thoughts out of your mind and allowing yourself to
progress into expansion.

I work with clients and I’ll talk to them about, okay, if you were to create the
most elaborate version of who you are, who would that person be?

So work a great deal of times with, if you’re familiar with the 8 of Swords
where the woman is imprisoned, it has all the swords kind of around her.

And it’s self-induced so one by one, we can pull out those swords, pull out
those negative thoughts that keep us caged and keep us bound.

So how can you think more highly about yourself and about your
circumstances as you’re walking forward in your spiritual development or
whatever it is that you’re facing in your life right now?

So now we’re going to use the Legacy Of The Divine, and I’m going to pull
the three cards from this deck.

And this one is more about the progression that you can take, the actual
steps that you can take forward in saying OUT to those negative thoughts,
just like in the affirmation card, and how we’re going to progress a little bit
further with that.

Okay. The first card is the 6 of Coins, then the Paige of Wands and the 8 of

This is really interesting to me with the 6 of Coins, it’s about generosity. And
for, this reading, what I’m feeling it’s about being generous to yourself,
being generous with your own thoughts, with your own deeds, with your
own actions, with the way that you reward yourself, the way that you pour
blessings onto yourself.

The Universe wants to give you everything that it is that you want.

It’s only when we pinch off that flow with our negativity, with our negative
thoughts that that we’re unable to receive.

Spirit told me or showed me Law Of Attraction years and years ago when I
was like 19 years old as a vision of a pinball game. And so the ball comes
up, it comes right back down. You can have whatever you want. But what
happens is, is the ball gets bounced around by all the little buzzers that’s
up at the top and it keeps it kind of up there, right? And that’s what our
negativity does. It keeps our wishes, our fulfillment, our blessings from
coming down to us so that we can receive them.

So to be generous and kind with yourselves, with gifts to yourself, what you
bestow upon you in words of affirmation and words of praise versus words
of negativity or self deprivation that’s where we really want to be. Being
more generous with you and allowing yourself to receive the generosity and
the praise of others.

So if you’re somebody that’s struggling with compliments, when somebody
comes up and gives you a compliment and you automatically kind of reject
that, like they’re either just being nice to you, or they say what a lovely shirt
that you have on, and you’re like, oh, it’s so wrinkled. It’s so old, you know,
and you’re not able to receive that blessing that’s coming your way.

What we want to do is invite you to allow yourself to receive any
compliments, any generous gifts, any donations that come your way, smiles
that come your way. They’re all gifts and blessings that you can bring into

And then you’re invited with the, the Page of Wands to be adventurous, to
be expansive, to be curious, right, to be open, to receive messages of
inspiration and love and passions that come your way. There’s little
impulses that come in. It’s like, oh, go this way right now, or go do this right
now. Follow it, follow those promptings.

This is a Yes card it’s okay.

So here we are. We’re receiving the things, the blessings that are coming
our way, and this is the excitement in those blessings and that childlike
inner spirit that it’s pure spirit, the fire, the wands are all pure spirit getting
in tune with that.

You will feel more passionate as you step into the version of your highest
self. There is only expansion and optimism and joy and confidence and all
of those wonderful things.

And even though it’s in its baby form right here with the, with the little page,
it grows into maturity, right? And you can become the King of wands, which
would be the pinnacle of it, where you’re a ruling, your kingdom, your world,
your life, right with with vision, he’s a visionary.

And that’s where we stepping into. So beginning to vision, taking those
baby steps to begin to vision this new life, to come into your world.

That’s the step forward.

So we’re first generous with ourselves, receiving compliments, giving
ourself compliments, doing and practicing the self care, those types of
things, and then stepping into the curiosity and the beauty, the passion, the
excitement of what can become of that.

And then the final thing with that is the 8 of Cups. And that’s a card of
release. You’ve got to let it go.

You can send your wishes out, just like shooting that ball and pinball,
sending those wishes up. And then you have to let go and allow it to come
back and receive.

So these two cards, the the receiving, the letting go and the receiving kind
of go hand in hand. We can look at this in multi-faceted way. So in one
regard, we can look at it like the more I let go of these negative thoughts,
the more that I let go of the things that are holding me back or holding me
down, or putting me in that false place of imprisonment, the more I let go of
those things, the more I’m able to step into this joy, the more I’m able to
step into the expansion of this vital, beautiful spirit that I am.

Okay. And that’s the real message: The more I let go of this, then the more
I can receive of that.

Okay. Another way to look at it is, is that as you step into the expansion of
who you are, there are behaviors there are people, there are
circumstances, there are situations that you will begin to walk away from,
and that’s okay too.

Sometimes there’s a little bit of mourning that comes with the 8 of Cups.
It’s, it’s leaving behind. These cups are full. So it’s the things that you love
or are used to, or what’s part of your comfort zone. And that’s what I’m
really hitting on here with spirit.

It’s really stepping outside of the comfort zone of what once was so that
you can expand and become more of who you truly are.

And then we’re going to close out the reading with one more Oracle card.
These are from Doreen Virtue and it’s Angel Therapy Cards.
And they’re just a beautiful high vibrational card. I really enjoy them. And so we’ll get one card here.

And the card that we have is “You Are A Powerful Lightworker”

I’ll read this to you. It says “It’s safe for you to be powerful. Your spiritual
power brings great blessings in loving service to the divine.”

Now, I hope that you can see the pattern that’s coming through with the
cards here and the messages that are coming to with you.

We have get away from the negative thoughts, let the negative thoughts
pass. And you’re you are the only thinker in your mind. You are the only
one that can think your thoughts. Nobody else can think them for you. So
as you choose thoughts that bring kindness, choose thoughts that bring
empowerment, choose thoughts that support you in your being.

Then the blessings of the 6 of Coins can come and rain down upon you.
Then the stepping into the expansive jubilation, the energetic fire spirit of
your soul can take place. And you are able to step outside of your comfort
zone and actually be the higher being that you are meant to be here and
shine. Let shine through.

You already are this. And that’s what spirit is saying to me right now is that
you need to understand that this is what you already are. It isn’t that you
need to do anything else to become it. You already are. It’s just, it’s letting
go of the false beliefs, that you’re something that you’re not.

Basically, it’s like shades that we put over top of a lamp. The lampshade is
the first false belief. It dims the light a little bit. And then we put scarves
over top of that and scarves over top of that. And we change your colors,
change our clothes, jeans, our outfit change her demeanor, but underneath
it all, this is who you are, this powerful being full of light and love, and you
have a message to share. So get out and share it!

And I’ll leave you with that with many blessings. Hope to connect with you
again soon, I look me up on Facebook or Instagram at

More about Rebecca:

Rebecca Lee’s passion for women’s empowerment can be traced back to an early
childhood of poverty, neglect and abuse. Raised by an alcoholic father, drug addict
mother she grew up with a heavy sense of shame and deep-seated unworthiness. For
Rebecca, violence, molestation and cruelty was the norm—until one day, it wasn’t.

Rebecca’s life was forever changed in 1996 through a powerful intersession that
opened her eyes to the possibility of a world and a lifestyle that up to that point wasn’t
even imaginable.

From here, she was able to heal herself and transform generations of trauma, abuse
and disfunction and move forward creating a life of peace, stability, and love.

Rebecca has made it her mission to liberate women from the false imprisonment of their
minds, empowering them to rise above their circumstances and create a life that is
beautiful, loving and most importantly, reflects the value of who they truly are.

Rebecca has been teaching her self healing and integration process professionally
since 2001 and rejoices in the many healings, transformations, and joy-filled lives her
clients and students create.

Rebecca specializes in holistic integration, weaving together the mind, body, emotions,
and spirit in a beautiful way that releases stress, clears trauma and restores health and
vitality in all aspects of life.

Rebecca offers virtual and local service along with a variety of classes and workshops.

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