This week, we’re doing things a little differently! Pro Tarot Reader Aeson Knight shares a message for the week of February 7th, 2022. Of course, if you see this post after the 7th of February, it still contains a powerful message for you.

First is a Three Card tarot reading to show you how your day is going to go. This is followed by the day’s Angel message and Ascended master oracle for the day.

The first card is the 8 of Coins. You might be working too hard lately, just pounding away at the work you have to do. In order to get over it, you’re going to have to take the Chariot—taking the reins in your own hands and making an effort to move past whatever is holding you back. Then we have the 6 of Coins showing up, telling us you need to be simple and comfortable. Remember where you came from and where you are going.

Then we have Archangel Ariel bringing us fresh energy, new ideas, and new ways of doing things. The Ascended Master is the Spiritual Law of Attraction. You asked for it, so it’s coming. Have faith and keep working on your manifestation.

About Aeson Knight:

Aeson works only with your direct questions so that you get the information you need. Don’t waste time with vague, unhelpful information, get clear, concise answers! This Q&A style reading gets to what bugs you about your Relationship, Career, Life-giving you the information you need to move forward, not tons of fluff and nonsense.

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