Welcome to our February 2023 Horoscopes and Tarotscopes with Soul Sisters Alexandra Karakopoulou and Sue Ellis-Saller.

The general card for the month was the 6 of Scrolls. This month, you will make a conscious effort to leave things behind in the spirit of finding a new way to think about things or a new perspective.

Important astrological dates for February:

Full Moon in Leo – February 5
New Moon in Pisces – February 20

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Alexandra’s Astrological Overview for the month of February, 2023

In general, I would say that stability will prevail in February. Events unfold more
slowly and are quite predictable, which leaves a lot of room for maneuver. You can
slowly think about near-term plans, making adjustments to them if necessary.
The harmonious Sun in innovative Aquarius makes it possible to rethink your views
on life. Stuck and rational Earth signs will be able to open up from a new perspective.
The desire to change your image, your place of residence seems to be slowly moving
from theory to practice.

An important moment is the Snow Full Moon on February 5 in glowing Leo, the
energy of which can change the course of events. It is necessary to take advantage of
this opportunity to reach an agreement. Willingness to compromise will of course
play a decisive role.

The first 10 days of the month are most difficult for any important agreements and
negotiations. Whatever is most important would be best to settle and pursue after
the 20th of the month.

Otherwise, sweet Venus is already in dreamy Pisces until February 19. During this
period, support from people around you will be quite pleasant. Your mind is open, so
it is very easy to communicate with you. On the other hand, you will not be able to
make objective decisions and therefore, you may be easily influenced. In extreme
cases, you may even build trust for a person who will betray you later.

Communicative Mercury will be in workaholic Capricorn until the 10th. During this
time, you most desire to be respected. Thanks to this position, you may think more
conservatively than usual but there is a reason for that.

Dynamic Mars continues to be in communicative Gemini, a position that has been
analyzed in every way since it has special characteristics. It will remain there until
March 24. During this time, you will like to be more informed, read, attend seminars,
studies. In general, you will crave new information that you can use later. Your
arguments will become stronger so that you can get away with anything if you
become. However it may bring internal conflicts within you. When you are stressed,
you will use sarcasm and tenderness as a defense mechanism.

Aries (March 21-April 19)

Phrase of the month: Do what you think you should do and don’t forget to follow
your heart!

All those challenges you were destined to take on in 2022 seem to be slowly coming to a happy ending, my fighting Aries. Good and lucky Jupiter in your sign is opening doors and bringing solutions. It’s like having the support of more people, finally picking out the right people, new partners and renewing old ties in February. Even any difficult relationships with your partners can be avoided before it’s too late. The best time for business and partnerships is between the 1st and 23rd of the month. The Full Moon on the 5th in glowing Leo makes you more generous and highly expressive. You may get tired though and that’s where you start to shirk your usual duties. In first place are simple human joys: family, hobbies, home. The last week of the month will be less favorable for putting any plans in motion, so take advantage of these last few days to do your review. Be careful of words and small talk in the first 10 days of the month. Sweet Venus is there in your sign and sheds all the light on hearts… There, around the 14th, Valentine comes along and can bring a cosmic acquaintance, a destiny, something that can happen as you travel or are with people from other cultures. The green light has come for you and you have no choice but to take advantage of it and show your most protective side and open up emotional horizons, letting love work its magic on the days that it is. Don’t forget that the key word this month is “relaxation”, on all levels. The New Moon on February 20 in introverted Pisces can bring karmic changes and beautiful emotions, inspiration and insight.

Aries Tarot Card for the month of February 2023

7 Swords
While you choose to take the reins of your life into your own hands, opening doors that you choose for yourself, make sure to be honest with yourself (and everyone around you) about what your motives are and what you truly want in life.

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

Phrase of the month: Too much work eats the master. See the prospects that open
up before you, but don’t forget to open your heart!

February is one of the busiest months for you, my stable Taurus. You’ll have situations to reshape, work by the hair, and accomplish what hasn’t progressed to date. Hang in there a bit during the first and last 10 days of the month. If you overdo it, you might even get misunderstood. The Full Moon on the 5th in glowing Leo prompts you to think about the meaning of life, to plan for the near future. The most important thing, of course, is to avoid conflict at all costs. You make plans and see them slowly coming to fruition, but the planets do not promise miracles. God Sun’s conjunction with life lesson planet Saturn in airy Aquarius puts your career and social life in the spotlight. In the first and last weeks of the month, it needs a little more attention to spending I would say. In moderation. You’ll definitely be busy with housework, small renovations and remodeling. As for the beloved Valentine’s Day that is lurking and waiting for you to celebrate it, no matter how much you may not be in the greatest of moods, if you decide to give your heart or give a beautiful gift to your beloved, don’t get stuck in the past and try something new. The New Moon on February 20 in introverted Pisces will shake you up for the better and you may find that your prejudice and persistence may leave you and become even more flexible to new circumstances.

Taurus Tarot Card for the month of February 2023

Are you following the rules and adhering to tradition because you want to, or because you feel like you should? Is the dogmatic way the only way? This month, make sure to ask yourself the hard questions about your belief system. Additionally, the Hierophant can be about finding a community or group of people who share the same beliefs as you, who you get along well with. This community will be important to you throughout the month of February.

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

Phrase of the month: By seeking light and true love, you find your place in the world.

Your sociability will characterize you this month, my communicative Gemini. You may need to see the whole, the collective and the teamwork in February. Work, lots of work awaits you. Bear up and pull through, I’m not afraid of you. It’s as if negotiations, discussions and arrangements for new ideas or jobs, or projects you’ve put on ice until now have begun. You will see these evolve over the next few months, but you have to start somewhere. Foreign relationships and perhaps some business-related travel are favoured. Just look to organise them towards the end of the month. The period between February 2 and 7 is not advisable. The Full Moon on the 5th in glowing Leo needs attention. To avoid upsetting your inner balance, mentally forgive all transgressors. If possible, express your grievances in person, but in the right way. You know yourself. You will still keep up with everything: at home and at work. Harmony prevails in personal life and a new understanding of family values is formed. Minor verbal conflicts are perhaps seen in the defined between the 21st and 23rd of the month. Let us be more careful what we say and how we say it. Friends consistently play an important role in your decisions and influence you positively. St. Valentine there on the 14th invites you to take a little getaway, even if you can’t travel, put your imagination to work, put quarrels aside and unwind with your partner/partner to reminisce and create new memories. The New Moon on February 20 in introverted Pisces pushes you to make beautiful new beginnings and see further afield.

Gemini Tarot Card for the month of February 2023

The Empress Reversed 
You might have been working on something in the background, Gemini, but unfortunately that thing just isn’t ready/mature enough to bring into the next phase. It’s OK, though. Whatever this is might need more time to pass, more ingredients to be put into the pot, or just for you to have time to get a different perspective. Don’t allow the wait to frustrate you. It’s better if you let the Universe deal with it for a little bit and come back to it later — perhaps you’ll have a better outcome in April.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

Phrase of the month: As long as I know how to love, I will survive!

The planets are aligned and each of them has something to give you, my sensitive Cancers. Of course, it would be good to prepare yourself mentally and spiritually throughout February. A month that is suitable for relaxing and managing procedural, administrative matters. You may well settle interpersonal and other relationships calmly and leave the more difficult and complex ones for a busier period, which will begin at the end of the month in early March. Issues from the past may make a reappearance in the first ten days of February.  The Full Moon on the 5th of the month in glowing Leo brings minor turbulence and emphasizes ego but others’ egos more than yours. You will gain confidence and a zest for life. If you want, you can do all the things you were afraid to think about before. Good Valentine’s Day on February 14 favors your personal life and colors the day accordingly. Long distance relationships or new, chance encounters when you travel, or when you go out in general can put a romantic spin on your life. Even long-term relationships have their place. For those of you who are not into the arts, this month gives inspiration, and fodder to do research on whatever you are into. Just make sure you always ask the right questions. The New Moon on February 20 in introverted Pisces brings beautiful feelings and dreams, lots of dreams.

Cancer Tarot Card for the month of February 2023

2 of Spirals Reversed –
It’s not the greatest month for contracts or new relationships. That’s OK, though. While you might not get what you want right away, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t/can’t eventually have it. When the time is right, things will work out — with the right job, the right person, or the right passion pursuit.

Leo (July 23-August 22)

Phrase of the month: By staying together, we do everything better. One heart, one

Balance and teamwork are very important to you in February, my shining Lions. I know, you prefer to work alone and be the leader, but it’s time to try something else. Notice what you have and where you fall short of others and how you could benefit from it. It’s like slowly getting into the center of things, like the obstacles are slowly going away one by one. Meetings and negotiations abound this month for you. Of course all relationships will have a little difficulty in the first ten days of February, so don’t waste your time wasting your temper unnecessarily. Now stay as relaxed as you can and give extra emphasis and momentum in April and May. The Full Moon on the 5th of the month in your sign sheds light in many places and causes minor upheavals and minor explanations and perhaps stimulates your ego a little too much than it should. You will feel so irresistible and desirable that you will flirt a little recklessly. Passionate Valentine’s Day stirs up the heat, and dynamic Mars joins in on all this, creating jealousies and misunderstandings. Don’t worry though, hold your ground and don’t tire your lovely mind. Enjoy the moment, have fun with those you choose and stay away from any form of toxicity. It’s not doing you any good… and it’s sucking all your energy without you even realizing it. The New Moon on February 20 in introverted Pisces makes you feel like you want to be alone, but that’s only for the best. In the end, it makes you stronger.

Leo Tarot Card for the month of February 2023

6 of Stones
You might be feeling generous this month, dear Leo. Just make sure everyone is on the same page about what’s expected. Better yet, if you are sharing with others in your life, do it from a place of true generosity, not one that hopes to get something for giving something. Watch out for power dynamics related to generosity, as well.

Virgo (August 23-September 22)

Phrase of the month: In the pursuit of love, everyone has rights.

Your satisfaction when you do your job well is very important in February, my organizational Virgos. To achieve your goals you must stay on the right pace, keep your distance and seize the opportunity when it presents itself. Patience is an important commodity. The changes don’t stop here, the chaos is somewhere further away from you now and everything seems calmer. February is a fast-paced, beautifully and intensely energetic month and you are preparing for several professional changes that will play an important role in your future successes. It is certainly very helpful to be completely honest with yourself. Those of you who are dealing with overseas jobs or contacts with different cultures, now is the time of opportunity. The Full Moon on the 5th in glowing Leo does not promise professional success. To succeed, you need to carefully work out every detail, step by step to overcome difficulties. Not everyone is capable of achieving methodical results. You will want to clean the house in the meantime. After you have begun a general cleaning, you will try to attract all family members to it… those faithful ones who come. On the February full moon, it is advisable not to argue with them. The honored Saint Valentine on February 14 prompts you to show more compassion and understanding to your partner. As much as your innate “realism” catches up with you, put it aside for a while and enjoy the warmth and companionship. No need to give advice again, day in and day out. The New Moon on February 20 in introverted Pisces brings out the child in you and favors important decisions and new beginnings.

Virgo Tarot Card for the month of February 2023

Aside from pointing to a legal win, the Justice card indicates that fairness is in order. Don’t just consider your own needs and desires; consider what everyone involved wants and needs. Create true balance and harmony in your life with this focus on fairness.

Libra (September 23-October 22)

Phrase of the month: A beam of light, a God and a vision.

Avoiding the difficulties and destruction that can be created from the inside out are issues that will be on your mind in February, my diplomatic Libras. It would be wise to get stronger, harden yourself emotionally more and challenge yourself to be a little more competitive than usual. Difficult? Yes, it is, but you can now pursue your hidden passions, more creative hobbies and generally your more creative professional aspects.  The first ten days of the month are not particularly favorable for work, as minor disagreements are expected, which you will overcome later. Don’t worry though, things will work out. Beware of relationships with your superiors if you have any because you may come into conflict. If you see that this isn’t getting you anywhere, just take the extra work upon yourself, and when the time is right again, you’ll sort it out. The Full Moon on the 5th in glowing Leo puts yourself to the test, so focus on the preparatory stage: make a schedule of tasks, review documents. Take an interest in anything related to art. The craving for aesthetic pleasures increases as you want to surround yourself with beautiful things. This is a good time to go shopping, to refresh your wardrobe. Good Valentine’s Day on February 14 can give you the feeling that you are losing your freedom and that you want to play on many boards, flirt more, but when you desire someone/someone you do so in beautiful ways. Venus’ favorite children. The New Moon on February 20 in introverted Pisces favors new beginnings and grand group projects especially.

Libra Tarot Card for the month of February 2023

The Hermit
The Hermit takes space and time for themselves, sometimes isolating themselves from the herd/cacophony of societal voices, in order to find their own wisdom and truth. You might need to take that step back now, Libra, to connect with the Divine within. Others might seek out advice and guidance from you, too, as they understand that your experience and wisdom will help them with their issues, too.

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

Phrase of the month: In order to move forward in my life and be happy, I must pay attention to the smallest detail.

February is the month to take it a little more easy, my secretive Scorpios. It’s an intense month and has a lot of energy that you feel like you want to waste, and maybe a little unnecessarily. Communicate more, embrace diversity and look for information. It’s a good idea to keep a journal or notes, like the good old days, so you can remember afterwards what you did, what ideas you kept and what you threw away. Those of you who are work addicts , this is definitely your month and will reward you in the near future there around March, April. Travel for business or to see your extended family is in the cards. The Full Moon on the 5th in glowing Leo prompts you to let those around you think you are secretive or even distrustful. The main thing is to stay true to your own principles. Professional success, love victories – and nothing less. Though you will have to overcome your fears: the road to happiness is thorny. Follow the truths of your soul and regret nothing. On February 14, St. Valentine tells you that everything will fall into place as it should. Your instincts are guiding you well if you let them show you the way. Don’t deny yourself an intense spiritual experience with your partner/spouse, it can unite you emotionally like you never imagined. The New Moon on February 20 in introverted Pisces fills you with emotion and beautiful images. Caution is needed when you decide to open Pandora’s box once again. Because you can.

Scorpio Tarot Card for the month of February 2023

5 of Mirrors Reversed
This month, Scorpio, it’s important that you focus on the things that are there, not the things that aren’t. Luckily enough, it seems like that’s your plan to begin with. When you focus on the things you are grateful for, the Universe responds by giving you more to be grateful for. *One important note to make about this card: follow your instincts to see things for what they are and also to focus on how far you’ve come, not how far you still have to go. The goal is often the way.

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)

Phrase of the month: Open your heart, that’s the key.

To feel safe you need to get back to your roots in February, my traveling Sagittarians. Think about what is important to you, what people play the most important role in your life. This is also a time when many positive opportunities are reflected. If you look deep within yourself, you will see things that, even insignificant to others, are important to you. Your life will not stop being full of colors and images. The first ten days will be more difficult for any kind of transactions. Save the easy ones and all the things that concern you for the last 20 days of February. The Full Moon on the 5th in glowing Leo has few tensions, misunderstandings and words that hide selfishness. You will not be discouraged, it is not in your nature to be sad for long periods of time. Even if there are many problems to be solved, there is time for fun. At the same time, the priority shifts to family: instead of a crazy party, a quiet party at home. Valentine’s Day on February 14 may bring, in addition to chocolates and small arguments at the table, but with your diversity and childishness, you will find a way to have a great time. The New Moon on February 20 in introverted Pisces brings you images from the subconscious and it’s good to work on them. Travel and moving from now on is favored.

SagittariusTarot Card for the month of February 2023

Knight of Spirals
The Knight of Spirals is the Don Juan of the deck. He follows his passion and whims where they lead him (and often more with his heart and not his head). Bring a little bit of sexy into your life and focus on having FUN! It will make everything better this month.

Capricorn (December 22-January 19)

Phrase of the month: Money can’t buy love!

Yes, February reminds you that you are leaders, that you have many talents and that whatever you set your sights on, you achieve, my workaholic Capricorns. Whatever makes you feel stronger and more energetic, you embrace it, and rightly so. Whether you belong to the shy and retiring ones or you belong to the more extroverted ones, it’s time to externalize and articulate what you are so good at and why you stand out. The first ten days of the month are a bit more challenging, and have little disagreements and infighting. But then the mood changes. The Full Moon on the 5th in glowing Leo will give you the strength to embark on more ambitious projects. However, you should not rush to take the initiative, you need to prepare properly for future achievements to come.  Don’t forget your boundaries and be true to your wants and beliefs. St. Valentine, on February 14, opens your eyes as well as your heart more and invites you to feel your heart more and less realistically. After all, you are the master of your destiny… at least that’s what you believe and I love that you say it without fear or passion, it suits you perfectly! The New Moon on February 20 in introverted Pisces favors new beginnings, projects and accentuates your more sensitive side.  You can even start a hobby that you have long had in mind and have not dared.

CapricornTarot Card for the month of February 2023

Are you following the rules and adhering to tradition because you want to, or because you feel like you should? Is the dogmatic way the only way? This month, make sure to ask yourself the hard questions about your belief system. Additionally, the Hierophant can be about finding a community or group of people who share the same beliefs as you, who you get along well with. This community will be important to you throughout the month of February.

Aquarius (January 20-February 18)

Phrase of the month: Take the reins and show us the way.

February is a great month for you, my airy Aquarians. You can resolve your issues, both personally and professionally.  Of course you are strongly showing two faces, the personal and the social self. To be able to manage all these radical changes, it would be good to get in touch with your inner child more. You don’t have to please everyone, that is not your role. Sweet Venus helps your finances this month. Whatever expenses you have will be in the first ten days of February. These are the most problematic days, with the most chances for misunderstandings, petty squabbles and obstacles. All of this will pass relatively quickly though. The Full Moon on the 5th in glowing Leo where you are full of creative ideas: imagination is in full swing, and energy demands an outlet. Source of inspiration is family, all efforts are thrown into maintaining your home. On February 14, Valentine’s Day, there is a risk of misunderstanding the intentions of your loved one. Use your logic and don’t let your negative, almost stressful feelings get the better of you. Enjoy the moment and the romance it can offer you. The New Moon on February 20 in introverted Pisces favors projects, big and different plans on the horizon and invites you to see further still, deeper into yourself. You have the answers you need.

Aquarius Tarot Card for the month of February 2023

7 of Mirrors
This is the card of decision paralysis. Are you hesitating to make a choice because you don’t know who you truly are or what you really want? The choices and decisions you make are a reflection of you. They become your life. Who do you want to be? What do you want your life to be like? These might be tough decisions to make, but once you choose, you can start to move your life in a whole new direction.

Pisces (February 19-March 20)

Phrase of the month: The answer, my friend, is the whistle in the air.

The energy of February brings you calm and detachment, my dreamy Pisces. I guess it’s time to recharge your batteries. The last month has had a lot of fatigue and stress and it’s probably time to relax. For all of you who are involved in spiritual practices and alternative forms of healing, now is a favorable time to find ways to apply them to various areas of your life that need it. It would be good to feel more harmony within yourself, as it is important to find the safe space to protect yourself when you need it. Definitely the first ten days of the month are the most difficult and the most problematic. The Full Moon on the 5th in glowing Leo pushes you to focus on solving everyday problems. Monotonous activity is the best remedy for unnecessary thoughts. Good Valentine’s Day on February 14 definitely brings you closer spiritually and gives you the feeling of becoming one with your partner/partner. The last few days of February are appropriate for all those things that have not progressed, especially from the 21st through the 28th. You have all the time in front of you to feel the changes.

PiscesTarot Card for the month of February 2023

5 of Spirals
You might be looking at others as competition, but there is a good kind of competition and a bad kind. Try to focus on the good kind this month. See what others are doing that inspires you, piques your curiosity, or helps you find a new way of doing things. Use the examples of others as proof positive of what is possible for you!

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