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I wanted to bring up a subject today that might cause some ripples in the online psychic community: pricing.

We are taught you get what you pay for, which is often true… but, in the spiritual business community, that rule might not be so straightforward.

You see, there are those readers and healers who set their prices on the low side so that they can help a wider variety of clients. They don’t want to be “high end” or “exclusive”- quite the opposite – they want their services to be available for any one, at any income level. It doesn’t mean they aren’t exceptional readers and healers – often they are those who are sent by the Universe to have a big impact on the world. Their focus is more on the healing/messages than on the bottom line.

A low session or per minute price, in this circumstance, might be somewhat misleading to a person who is basing his or her choice solely on cost.

Now, don’t get me wrong because there are good and bad readers in every price range in the psychic community. I’ve seen bad readers charge 25 cents a minute, and I’ve seen bad readers charge $25 a minute or more. I’ve seen good readers giving free readings left and right and bad readers hoarding their minutes and money like misers, caring more about the cha-ching than a client’s well being.

One myth that I would like to dispel, both for the fans and the psychics and readers, themselves, is that we shouldn’t be charging for our gifts at all. This notion keeps some of the best readers teetering on the edge of poverty or overwhelm because they won’t charge for their services. It isn’t fair to ask a person to take his or her time, energy, and effort to serve someone else without some sort of reimbursement for that time, energy, and effort. Period.
I might have to leave the rest of this topic for another blog post, because it is a HOT one, both in my mind and in the online spiritual communities I belong to.

Now back to the topic at hand…

On the waayyy other side of the spectrum, we have those people who want to “pray for you”, do a spell, or light a freaking candle for you, starting at $200, $300, $500. Of course, they need to purchase the materials. ß If that person isn’t a best selling author or at the forefront of his/her field, that is the way you smell a con artist. Show me a candle that costs $200 – not from CandleLight. Maybe CandleLight should create a ConArtist’s delight candle!

Please note that I am not saying that ALL psychics and healers who charge $200 or more per session are con artists at all. What I am saying is that Joe Schmoe Psychic Nobody who wants to light a candle for you to bring back your cheating ex boyfriend (who you shouldn’t mess with anyway) or who says they can control destiny for you for a mere (insert ungodly amount here) is very. Likely. A. Fraud. Con artists in our field make me soooo mad, but that is a topic for another blog post, too.

Sorry. I get all squirrely when I’m talking about things like this. Resuming composure and clearing throat.

Just as there are many excellent readers at the lower end of the pricing spectrum, there are excellent readers at the higher end of the spectrum. Many times, these high-end readers are booked out and have earned rates that match their statuses. Think about Sylvia Browne, God rest her soul, for example). Other times, the readers are very confident of their work and charge a premium for their skill sets. Some work or live in locations that demand higher prices (think Hollywood or Switzerland, for example). Some are authors or tarot deck creators who are experts in their fields, like Colette Baron Reid or Radleigh Valentine.

And remember, too – many of us psychics, readers, and healers have put a lot of time, energy, and money into honing our skills and building our businesses. We have to factor in things like internet service, website creation, rent on our locations, etc. And oftentimes, we are making only a fraction of what we charge per minute because we work under the umbrella of a psychic hotline that might take anywhere from 40-70% of every dollar we earn. So, in order to compensate for the cut the company we work for takes, we increase our fees just a tad bit.

Bottom line is that finding an excellent psychic reader, healer, Spiritual Coach, Intuitive Guide, Shaman, etc. isn’t all a numbers game. It takes way more investigation and intuition to get a good reading than simply looking at what a person charges per minute. We wish it was that simple, but it isn’t.

So, what should you look at when choosing a good psychic reader, healer, astrologer, meditation guide, tarot reader, psychic medium, or channel? Find out in our next blog post!

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