Holly Duckworth helps release subconscious limitations for spiritual seekers so that they can experience an exquisite life using Quantum Healing Hypnosis TechniqueSM (QHHT®). This hypnosis modality integrates spiritual, physical, and emotional healing by connecting a person with their Higher Self.

QHHT® hypnosis sessions give clients a “one-and-done” experience. Most people only need one session to gain insight that will guide them through a lifetime here on earth.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • What QHHT® hypnosis sessions are and how they help clients connect with their Higher Self
  • Why people only need ONE session of QHHT®
  • Past lives and QHHT® sessions
  • How your Higher Self might choose situations that help your soul’s evolution
  • Integrating the Ego into your human experience
  • Timeline shifts in real life


You can catch the audio-only podcast here:

​Find out more about Holly’s work at her site, www.awarecaredurango.com

Check out Holly’s book, Finding Purpose, Surprising Wisdom from the Higher Self

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