Lightworkers, It's Time to Rise Up!
We’ve been waiting for this!

Here’s a Channeled Message I got recently.

Lightworkers! It’s time to rise up. Or really, to reconnect with the earth, with your family and friends, with yourself.

Ground yourself as much as possible. Get out in nature if you can. If you can’t take a walk safely, find pictures of nature that really seep energy so that you can absorb all the good stuff that nature has to offer.

Open the windows and blinds. Get some fresh air and sunshine.

Do what you need to do to stay in the best physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual place possible. This means getting off your butt, off the sofa, walking around your house or doing a workout video on YouTube. (I love Do You Yoga).

Find a means of expression. Paint, write, draw, or take up an instrument. You don’t have to be perfect or even good, you just have to connect with your creativity.

Sit in meditation and activate your light. We all have a beautiful, glowing, iridescent energy source in the core of our being. We can power that up and use it to energize ourselves and to share with the world around us.

Do what you can to positively affect everyone around you.

Use your talents, no matter what they are. Everyone is important and has something to share. Some will be on the front lines, others will be supporting those people from their zone of genius, too. It doesn’t matter if you are serving someone the best darn cup of coffee they’ve had in their life or if you are performing brain surgery or “just” singing to your baby. It’s all important. Connection is important.

Individual gifts are important. We are all one, but we were given different, complimentary talents so that we could thrive as a society.

And let’s start working on herd immunity and peace the whole world over. Let’s visualize it as something that we already have. No matter what RNA/DNA strands are controlling the proverbial show right now, let’s start visualizing wellness, healing, health.

Find a mantra like:

I am healthy.
I am immune.
Every cell in my body is healthy.

We are healthy.
We are immune.
Every person in our society is healthy.
The world is healed.


Imagine A Different Way

And we have to start changing society and the way we live. This is one of the most important lessons of this experience. We. Are. All. One.

Humans, no matter where they live, are valuable. We are all affected by things like plagues, draughts, environmental damage, war. We can’t kill the Earth and one another and expect that everything will remain hunky dorey. We can’t try to suppress information from one another or outright lie to them. Be honest.

We ALL know that two heads is better than one. And if we allow the best of the best—scientists, researchers, progressive farmers, organizers, healers, etc.—come together to solve problems that affect us all, we will all benefit. No one person or country (or religion or race) should prosper while others starve, die, and suffer.

We are beyond that now. Or almost beyond that. Ultimately, we can make a shift in the way things are done. The times we are facing right now are showing us that.

Changing society won’t be a popular notion to some people. Far too many hunger for more than they need and are willing to extort, terrorize, or simply kill anyone who speaks out against them. 

Grounding will help you shed  illusion. It will help you focus on what is truly most important: health, breath, life, your family, friends, loved ones. The rest is all illusion.

The shift might irritate some people who benefit from the status quo. They rely on us relying on them.

They might say:
Without us, you will starve.
We will reply:
We will feed each other.

They might say:
You must stay indoors.
We will reply:
Our minds will remain free.

You see, we have been enslaved by a fantasy system that creates a HUGE gap between the people who have enough and the people who have very little. It’s funny too: the people from the poorer homes and societies are generally speaking far more generous than those that have the world and billions of dollars at their disposal.

Humans have depended on each other for survival for eons. We’re meant to work together, as a team. Everyone together. All of the people on the Earth. Not just those from one country for itself and the next for itself.

And we’re meant to connect with the Earth, not to exploit it. We are meant to be grounded and live in harmony with our environments. We are learning. Many are on the path now and we will be shown the way.

So, so much has to change, and the change needs to start within each and every one of us. This outside “threat” that we are facing has shown us that the path forward comes from within. In order to make the best progress, we have to start from the best place within.

We have to work from a place of love, not fear.

We have to work for and from a place of freedom, but also for a place free from exploitation, manipulation, and sadism.

For this is the end and the beginning all rolled into one.

Lightworkers, step up.
Your time is now.
The world needs your energy—your light—to help it change.

This is what you are here for.

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