Join Classic Greek Psychological Astrologer Alexandra Karakopoulou and Tarot Card Reader and Life Coach, Sue Ellis-Saller for a fun and unique tarot and horoscope reading for the month of April 2021.

The deck Sue is using this month is the Japaridze Tarot. You can find it at Amazon here:

There is an Astrological Square between Uranus and Saturn this month. Confrontation will be a theme, as will integrity and justice. Be very aware of the energy you put into things and your motivations. Karma will be taking care of those who aren’t being fair or have negative motivations in their life.

The tarot card for the month is the Chariot: You can take the reins in your life and find balance in your life. It is time for you to focus your energy on what YOU choose to do in life. Choose from a meditated and still place, even if the world around you is hectic. Travel might come up for you during the month of April.

The New Moon is on April 12th in fiery Aries
The Full Moon is on April 27th in secretive Scorpio


Hold the bosses!

Birthday month and something good can hide April for you, my impulsive Aries. The New Moon on April 12 in your zodiac sign is very favorable for new beginnings. The dynamic Mars gives you the energy you need to succeed, and the communicative Mercury keeps you company until the 19th of the month. Communication, flirting, love, new acquaintances, meaningful discussions, what else do you want! Pay attention only to family tensions. Your home and family are giving you some riddles to solve and may create minor annoyances. You will achieve your goals as long as you do not forget where you started. The Full Moon on April 27 in the secretive Scorpio can make you feel that you do not have everything in the end, that you want more, bringing all your hidden desires to the surface. Have a little patience …

Tarot Card: The Empress

New beginnings and finally bearing fruit. In this month, things you have been working on FINALLY make their way into fruition. Don’t forget to nurture what you want to grow.


Move, you are not a tree!

With the unpredictable Uranus literally “burned” in your zodiac sign, the month of April begins, my stable Taurus. Upheavals have become your second nature, I know. Patience and perseverance. You have to make a good decision that the time has come (for a long time that is) to move, to change position, to go further, to forget what you have done so far. What you did for so many years will not get you anywhere! Your professional life hides good surprises, and your erotic life improves from the middle of the month. Be careful not to get wasted all of a sudden. The New Moon on April 12 in the impulsive Aries pushes you to put your past in order to move on to your otherwise bright future. Realize it. The Full Moon on April 27 in the secretive Scorpio makes you more emotional and opens your eyes. See!

Tarot card: 2 of Tides

This can show there is a new partnership coming up. You might HAVE to get out of your comfort zone to find what it is that Alexandra was referring to, as well as getting more connected to your intuition.


Take care of yourself.

The dynamic Mars is making a strong presence this month, my communicative Gemini. Action, energy, power and sexuality. April has it all. It would be good to settle your affairs and not leave jobs in the middle. The sensual Venus gives you popularity and the communicative Mercury gives you sociability from the middle of the month onwards. The New Moon on April 12 in the impulsive Aries brings you new acquaintances, maybe even older people who play their role. It seems that new social circles are opening up for you. The Full Moon on April 27 in the secretive Scorpio throws light and energy in the business and invites you to pay more attention to your health! Sleep, eat right, take care of your energy. You will need it!

Tarot Card: The Hermit

This could be an invitation for you to pull back and find your own internal guidance. Don’t let the negative influences of others sway you, especially in terms of health. You might need to take a night off, by yourself, to recharge.


Do not avoid it, finally decide what you want!

April brings developments for you, my sensitive Cancer. Almost all the personal Planets make an appearance in your medium coeli, the point of the Horoscope that has to do with social and professional prestige. Your relationships, on all levels, go through a sieve and all the unwanted ones are put aside. Open and closed wounds, power games, hidden secrets and intrigues will all fall on the table. Weigh your relationships and decide with your hand on your heart. The New Moon on April 12 in the impulsive Aries brings professional and social opportunities. The Full Moon on April 27 in the secretive Scorpio has plenty of eroticism and may bring something very exciting in your way …

Tarot Card: 4 of Fire

Romance and marriage might be on the agenda. Celebrate the moment. Fire stabilizes and the Universe will align with what you really want in life.



Passion and intensity.

Controlling and dealing with it always concerns you, my glowing Lion. With the unpredictable Uranus things get tense, it is not easy to make decisions and the changes (which you do not want at all) occupy each other. The planet of life lessons Saturn “vanishes” relationships that you took for granted, but do not worry too much. The lucky Jupiter opens doors for you and brings you mentors, people with power and authority. Such a person may even fall in love with you but be careful not to overestimate the situation. Almost all the personal planets have conspired for you to have a better time and leave all the difficulties behind. The New Moon on April 12 in the impulsive Aries helps the new beginnings and the Full Moon on April 27 in the secretive Scorpio can bring you family irritation and quarrels. Do not lose your temper!

Tarot Card: 8 of Gardens

This is a card about a higher level of achievement and putting your best effort into your work. Make sure to watch your reputation, and focus your fire on things that move you forward.


With strategy and logic, you can do everything.

The dynamic Mars resides in your medium Coeli, my organizational Virgo. Social recognition and professional recognition are at the forefront. You may feel more pressure, and your obligations tend to increase. Beware around April 9, when you will be more prone to accidents and deceptions with the dreamy Poseidon blurring your waters. Do not rush to make decisions! The communicative Mercury with the sensual Venus extends a helping hand and make your daily life seem easier. The New Moon on April 12 in the impulsive Aries may bring the financial benefits you have been waiting for and new beginnings. The Full Moon on April 27 in the secretive Scorpio sheds light on truths and lies, helping you make decisions about your further moves.

Tarot card: Queen of Tides

Use the month of April to connect with your emotions. The Queen of Tides is in control of her emotions, she is able to balance them… and she is really connected to her intuition.



Your wounds seem to be healing one by one, my diplomat Libra. The climate is favorable this month as well, with personal planets representing your personal relationships. Yes, relationships are at the forefront and seem to be tested at all levels. Love, harmony, sex, enjoyment. The New Moon on April 12 in the impulsive Aries favors new beginnings and this may signal a real total restoration. The lucky Jupiter also puts his hand and gives beautiful things even the arrival of a child. Love has its honor. The planet of life lessons Saturn gives good energy and settles situations. The dynamic Mars until the 22nd of the month makes you even more energetic and favors seminars, studies, everything that has to do with abroad and professional travels. The Full Moon on April 27 in the secretive Scorpio, however, can bring you temporary financial difficulties.

Tarot card: Strength

You are the only one who knows what derails you and what you can master. You should stand firmly in your wants, needs, and desires, and use them to move you forward. Draw on your own personal strengths and allow them to control your interactions and actions this month.


Find the golden middle!

April is interesting for you, my secretive Scorpio. The restriction does not suit you, as in anyone after all, but everything is going well from what it seems. You will not relax at all. Everyday life and obligations run, but under positive influences. Recognition, self-expression, good news, and beautiful relationships. Personal planets help on all levels. The New Moon on April 12 in impulsive Aries favors new beginnings and it looks like a big plan you had a long time ago is coming true. The family ones are quite ambiguous since on the one hand tensions are created and on the other hand, beautiful moments and luck are in the program. Take your measures, do not overdo it, keep your balance. From the middle of the month, light falls on your interpersonal relationships. Pay attention to the discussions. The Full Moon on April 27 in your zodiac sign marks developments, but always for your good!

Tarot card: 10 of Tides

This is a great card for relationships and wishes that we’ve been hoping for. The tides might turn and we will find more satisfaction in our relationships, intuition, and the flow in life.


Health above all!

April is good for you, my traveling Sagittarius. Until the middle of the month, all your personal planets emphasize flirting, love, creativity, children, and life in general. Your 5th House, the home of hobbies, children and sex is especially illuminated, and harmonious relationships are favored. Nice time to spend valuable, quality time with your loved ones. The New Moon on April 12 in the impulsive Aries shows that luck is on your side. Beware of exaggerations and openings … do not let over-optimism take over your mind! From the middle of April onwards, all this energy passes to your 6th House, the home of the working environment, mental and physical health, as well as everyday life. So, pay a little more attention to your health. The Full Moon on April 27 in the secretive Scorpio may bring psychological ups and downs, where time with yourself will help a lot …

Tarot card: 2 of Tides

This is a card of new relationships, romances, and friendships. You might meet someone new or deepen your magical/intuitive studies. Avoid trying to please others. Act with integrity and think about your own needs and honor yourself.


Work and joy!

Positive developments this month, my workaholic Capricorn. Home and family are at the forefront. Joy, communication, expression and luck are some of the characteristics that personal planets bring, which happen to form good faces. You can now solve several issues that have been “collected” over the years. The New Moon on April 12 in the impulsive Aries favors new beginnings and gives luck and energy. The work will not stop at all, but neither will the running until the 22nd of the month. Beware of accidents due to carelessness! Towards the end of the month there may be small fights with the other half, but that too will pass. The Full Moon on April 27 in the secretive Scorpio sheds light on a new chapter of acquaintances and collective actions where you will be called to play an important role over time.

Tarot card: 9 of Gardens

Finally, success! Fruits of your labor and your hard work and effort will take root. Independent wealth and self-satisfaction are a theme for you this month. Even though you might be used to climbing and scaling, you are working toward security. You’ll finally achieve your goals.


Air on your sails!

Things are calming down a bit this month, my airy Aquarius. You express your point of view, as always, but this time you become more understood. The information you receive and are invited to process is not too little at a time. The family is doing well. You have a lot of energy, a lot of movement and maybe the thoughts about changing the environment intensify (a move, a change in the furniture?). The New Moon on April 12 in the impulsive Aries favors new beginnings and brings new ideas, which are also feasible. The positive, good energy of the month will continue no matter how unpredictable you encounter it. The lucky Jupiter probably leads you to the realization of a wish … The Full Moon on April 27 in the secretive Scorpio pushes you to evaluate collaborations, friendships and relationships in general.

Tarot card: Queen of Air

This is an invitation to look at things from an intellectual perspective. This is the “bitch” of the tarot. It’s not a bad thing, though, to analyze things from an intellectual perspective. Your decisions aren’t meant for everyone. They are for you. Make sure you are steering.


Life has it all!

This month finds you quite troubled, dreamy Pisces. Family matters do not leave you alone. Tensions and quarrels are not lacking, and you may play the role of referee. The New Moon on April 12 in the impulsive Aries favors on the other hand new beginnings and from your new, original ideas you can see your income increase. Dare! After the middle of the month, the personal planets Sun, Mercury and Venus favor communication and discussion, as you win with your arguments. It is not excluded that you “move”. Things calm down around April 23, where even luck seems to smile on your finances. The Full Moon on April 27 in the secretive Scorpio gives you beautiful moments with your loved ones, that you need so much.

Tarot card: 7 of Gardens

You are working on something that you want to bring to fruition. Use the best things in life to nourish what seeds you are sowing. Take the moments that cause you the most joy as a focus on what you focus on.

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