How To Choose The Best Psychic Reader

Before you chat with or reach out to a Medium, Tarot Reader, Healer, or Psychic, you need to find out how to choose the best psychic for your needs. Picking a psychic reader or healer from a website list or a Facebook ad can be a daunting task, if you don’t know what to look for.

So, how do you choose the best psychic reader?

1) Consider your question.

There are several different kinds of psychic readers who use a wide variety of gifts and tools to advise their clients. It’s important for you to choose a psychic reader who actually does the type of reading you are looking for.

You can find out more about which psychic you should work with in this article (link to Types Of Psychic Readings blog post)

2) Ask your friends.

One of the absolute best ways to find a psychic or tarot reader to work with is by asking friends or family members if they have a psychic medium or tarot reader they trust. If your friends have worked with a good psychic reader before, they can tell you what to expect from the reading, including the reading style of the psychic, what to expect from a reading, and how much the psychic charges.

3) Psychic Hotlines

Psychic hotlines offer a variety of different psychics to work with; one site might list everything from Voodoo Priests to Tarot Readers to Mediums to those who work with Angels.

Some of the most popular psychic hotlines on the internet are:

Zodiac Psychics
Best Psychic Directory

When choosing a reader from one of these sites, go with your intuition and you might even look up potential readers on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube.

4) Speaking of social media…

Most modern psychic readers have accounts on social media platforms. If you want to find a check out a psychic’s energy prior to spending your money with him/her, do a simple search on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube.

When looking at a psychic’s social media page, take a moment to get a sense of the way he or she views the world. Take time to watch a live video on the psychic’s Facebook page, or look at the monthly reading video an astrologer posts.

Social media can give you an idea of the psychic’s personality and reading style, and also how others view that reader.

5) Read the psychic’s reviews.

Generally speaking, most good psychics will have reviews or testimonials on their website and on their social media pages. You want to find the best psychic reader for your money, and taking the time to check out what others are saying about a psychic will you to hone in on the best psychic reader for you.

A word of warning: Most real, authentic psychics won’t have all 5 star ratings or 100% accuracy. Those who only show 5 star ratings or who promise flawless accuracy might be fudging their reviews just a bit. It’s not uncommon for a psychic to have a couple of mediocre or even bad ratings, and NO psychic is 100% accurate. If you see those two, proceed with utmost caution.

6) Check the price.

There is a wide range of psychic readers on the internet – and the prices they charge also range from free (in some cases) to $25 per minute and more. Make sure you choose a psychic reader who you can afford to spend 10-15 minutes with, especially if you have an involved or complicated issue. Some great readers charge low prices and some charlatans charge a lot. Remember to look at the psychic’s reviews to see what others say about the readings they receive.

Of course, “celebrities” in the psychic arena will likely charge a fee that co-relates to their popularity. If someone is often on TV or radio shows, you might expect to pay a handsome price for a reading.

7) Use the free minutes.

Many psychic hotlines offer free minutes for new clients to use. Take advantage of these free minutes to have a conversation with a psychic you are interested in working with. Check for things like speed and accuracy – and also common courtesy – when you are using your free minutes. If something feels off during your free session, then move on to the next psychic reader. You aren’t beholden to spend money with a reader if his/her style doesn’t fit your needs.

8) Use your intuition.

The most important thing to do when choosing the best psychic for your reading is to listen to your OWN intuition. If you go to a site and feel the energy there is a drain or you get a headache while looking at their readers, it’s likely not a great match for you.

Similarly, if you find a reader or site that makes you feel excited, happy, or gives you a sense of calm comfort while looking at the psychic’s profile, you know you have a potential good match.

Your intuition is just as important in choosing the best psychic as that psychic’s skills and intuition when giving you a reading. Your spirit will lead you to the psychic who will help you with your issues and give you good advice.

Choosing the best psychic can be somewhat a daunting task, as there are so many options to choose from. Ultimately, though – finding a psychic that works well with you and has a great energy is easier today than it has ever been! Remember to use your investigative skills and your intuition when choosing a psychic reader – you’ll likely find at least one who you love to work with.

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