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Has anyone ever asked you for your press kit? As a professional spiritual entrepreneur, you will need to have a press kit available for anyone who is featuring you or marketing your work.

What kind of things need to be included in your press kit? How do you create a press kit for your spiritual business?

Creating a press kit for your spiritual business isn’t hard at all. You only need to include a few things, and—believe me—creating your press kit for your spiritual business ASAP will save you time and energy later on!

You can create a folder on your Gdrive or in your Dropbox account that has all of the information a person would need to promote you.

What do you need to include in your press kit?

1) Headshots or promotional photos.

Honestly, I think it’s a great idea to get some professional headshots or photos taken to highlight your business. Professional photos make you look like… a professional!

Of course, you can use photos from your phone, but make sure that they look nice and project the image you want your clients to see, are high quality, they don’t have a bunch of non-related background clutter, and that they aren’t fuzzy or pixelated.

If you use Canva Pro, you can easily cut the background out of your photo and add the background of your choice. I made a video about using Canva here: Canva Webinar for Newbies

2) An interesting bio

Bio writing is a kind of an art. You want to include what you do, your experience and credentials, and a little bit about your personal life. And you want it to grab the attention of the people who are reading it.

You might want to include two versions of your bio in your press kit: a short version and a long version. The short version should be about 5-6 sentences and include all of the basics about you and your work.

Your long bio might include a bit about your story, your philosophy, what you love about your work, and interesting stories about your background.

Make sure that you try to include a little bit about what your client is looking for in your bio, too. It’s not all about you; it’s about connecting with the people who you want to work with.

Don’t forget to add some personality to your bio! Make it fun and engaging, not boring and flat. You want people to get to know and like you when they read your bio.

Finally, don’t forget to add a link to where people can find you to your bio. You want to direct them to your work or to a lead magnet so they can learn more about you.

3) Where to find you

Don’t forget to add your website link, your social media profiles, and even your contact information to your press kit. This will allow the person who is working with your press kit to have links to all of your profiles, sites, any promos you want to highlight, and offers so they don’t have to go hunting for this information.

When you create a press kit for your spiritual business that includes all of the content listed above, you’ll save yourself the time and energy of having to gather all of the details any time a person wants to work with you. It also makes you look a LOT more professional.

Would you like help with creating a press kit for your spiritual business? Schedule a session with me and I can help edit and polish your content, advise you about your photos, and make sure nothing is missing. Schedule a Discovery Call to see about working together.

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