Manifest all you desire in 2020 when you create a Vision Board.

Right now is the perfect time to create a Vision Board for 2020. We just had the New Moon in Capricorn, and we are in the waxing (a.k.a. growing) phase of the Moon. Plus, as a bonus energy boost, we just had the Solar Eclipse that helped us to get rid of the things in life that weren’t working out for us so that we can focus on what we truly want.

Imagine yourself sitting by the ocean…

Why is now a good time for creating a Vision Board?

Capricorn is a very determined, earthy, motivated sign. Its stamina and focus are legendary. Capricorn does what it needs to do to get the job done, no matter what obstacles it faces.

Setting your 2020 intentions with this determined, growth-based energy is a wonderful way to give them the right kind of energy from the start. And putting those intentions into a vision board can help you to achieve your goals and bring your dreams to life in 2020.

Or maybe you want to swim with dolphins!

What is a Vision Board?

A vision board is a collection of images and phrases you can use to focus your attention and visualize what you want to bring into your life in the coming year. Generally speaking, you can cut out pictures and words from magazines, or you can use Google to search for images of the things you’d like to have in your life.

You can also create a vision board in a program like Pinterest (I have one there) or in an app right on your phone like these:

Vision Board for iPhones
Jack Canfield’s Vision Board App

Vision Boards can be as complicated or simple as you’d like them to be. Personally, I’ve drawn background wishes and influences that I’ve wanted to be the foundation of all of my goals and work, like caring, generosity, joy, positive vibes, etc. Then I layered my goals and visions over those basic ideas I wanted everything I created to be laced with.

Thinking of purchasing your dream home?

Let yourself dream

When creating your vision board, it’s important to let yourself dream a little bit. You don’t have to limit what you post to things you know that you can easily achieve. Your vision board should include the things you truly desire, things you have to stretch yourself to achieve, your dreams, hopes, and aspirations.

So be sure to include the beach house, the Bentley, and the book deal you’d like to have. Post pictures of an extravagent wedding or an exotic vacation. Use your vision board to really represent what you really want to have in your life. Get a little crazy. Shoot for the stars!

Don’t forget your intuition

Some of the most powerful accomplishments I’ve manifested in the past 10 or so years that I’ve been working with vision boards came from images and symbols that I didn’t fully understand at the time. Certain pictures, like this one from Alex Gray, spoke to me. This was before I studied Reiki, and now I can understand what the image was leading me toward.

You can reuse your vision board and add to it!

One thing to remember is that you can reuse old vision boards! I know that I have added to my vision board year after year because even though I’ve achieved a number of the goals I’ve listed on my board, many of my desires remain unchanged. I have created new vision boards, but I end up going back to my original and working with it as my basis.

You don’t need a lot of skill to create a vison board—just make sure that you approach it from a place of real desire so that you can build it with the best energy right from the start!

And don’t forget to put your vision board somewhere where you will see it every single day. You might put it next to your bed, in your office, or even in your bathroom!

A vision board can be a wonderful way for you to focus your attention on what you want to bring into your life. Vision boards are basic Law of Attraction tools, helping you to keep your goals in mind so that you can work on them every day. With a little bit of glue, a pair of scissors, a piece of poster board, photos of your wildest dreams, and a bit of positive energy and intention, you can start working on making your dreams become a reality in 2020 when you create a vision board for yourself!

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