If you are feeling drained, you might need to cut cords or clear your energy.
If you’re feeling drained, you might need to cut cords or clear your energy.

If you are feeling energetically heavy or like a health issue or mental stress is more than what you usually experience, then it is recommended to do a cord cutting or energy clearing. This practice will help you to release what is not yours to carry, and call back the pieces of you that may have been scattered elsewhere.

The cord cutting and energy retrieval methods we talk about here can also be applied if you are going into a situation with a lot of people where the energy will be intense and you will be interacting with it for a while. It is also useful when living or working in dense cities. There are a few different ways you can do this, depending on the situation.

When you start your day, sit quietly and connect to your energy and feel what it feels like to be present in your body. Keep this feeling in mind and connect to it as often as you can. If you find something has shifted or you feel off, use one of the other tools on this list to help you ground yourself back to you. Many of them can be quite powerful with a strong intention, so be aware and mindful of this as you use them.

Going into a situation

Once you connect to the feeling of your energy and being in your body, you can imagine a waterfall of golden or white light flowing over you to cleanse and protect you. You can also do this visualization in the shower as the water falls over you.

Another way, is to imagine a bubble of white or pink light surrounding you, and you can set the intention that it will “only allow love through” and just imagine being protected in this bubble and allow the love to flow through to you, and any other energies to be deflected off or simply stopped at the edge of where you have imagined your boundaries.

You can carry various crystals in your pocket or on a necklace or other jewellery as well to help amplify these effects.

Black tourmaline is a big player here, as it helps to protect the wearer from negative energies, as well as removing ones that are already there. It can cleanse and shift the energy into a higher vibration helping the wearer to stay grounded and connected to the present.

To help with clear communication try carrying Turquoise (master communicator), Blue Lace Agate (clarity and understanding), Blue Kyanite (grounding communication for all parties), or Blue Chalcedony (friendship, optimism and joy).  

Rose Quartz will amplify the pink bubble you created and has a strong intention for loving communication and interactions.

Citrine and Sunstone also help with bringing pleasant joy and a sunshine feeling around you throughout your day.


Being around big energies

If you feel someone in particular being a drain on your energy, or someone who isn’t witnessing their effect on you and others, you can utilize the mirror tool. If you imagine mirrors facing away from you, between you and them, it reflects what they are putting out back toward them, and shows them the reality of the situation, while protecting you from their energy. I have found this highly effective and often stopped people mid sentence when my intention has been particularly strong.

Cord Cutting and Energetic Cleansing

If someone’s energy has affected you, or you’ve taken on something they are dealing with, mentally or physically, you may need to cut the cords of attachment between you and them. Depending on the situation, if it’s someone familiar or a stranger, will determine how strict you want to be with cutting the cords and ties to them.

For someone you care about that may be more difficult to detach from, you can imagine a golden cord from your solar plexus (the area at the top of stomach, where your ribs come together and end) to theirs, and imagine shrinking it in size in your mind, either with your hands for a visual, or just in your mind. Set the intention for only love to flow through.

If you need more separation, take out your energetic scissors and cut the cords or ribbons that attach you to the other person. Snip them away in your mind, or you can do a physical motion with your pointer and middle finger if you need to be more visual. Cut all the attachments around where you feel the energy that isn’t yours, or do it over your entire body.

You can also revisit the waterfall to cleanse the energy from around you and imagine the water washing away any connections and taking away anything that’s not meant for you

Another way to cut the ties and cleanse your energy is to use Selenite which is a very powerful crystal for wiping things not meant for you. You can “wipe” it around the area you are feeling someone else’s energy, sweeping it over your body or the area of concern. If this is an ongoing situation, you could also get a selenite lamp to keep in the room and it will cleanse the situation on an ongoing basis. You can hold your hands near the warm light for an extra boost or dose of the cleansing.

Cut cords with scissors

Calling Energy Back to You

Often, we pick up energy from others because we care about them. This doesn’t mean they are bad, or we are doing something we shouldn’t. As caring compassionate human beings, this is natural. That is why it is a good idea to get into the habit of clearing your energy and calling your energy back to you, whether you’ve been in an intense situation or not.

Throughout our day, we listen, and give pieces of ourselves to those we interact with, as love, support, attention. These pieces, like little heartprints, get scattered through our day, and are gifts we can give others to help them feel listened to and like they matter. These are important gifts of service and help make the world a gentler, more loving place. Each of these interactions will take a small piece of your energy, and is why we often feel more tired at the end of the day. We can call this energy back to us though, so we can start tomorrow new and fresh.

If you sit quietly and focus on your energy and being present in your body, and feel the difference to what you felt at the beginning of the day, you may be able to tune into energy that isn’t yours, or where your energy feels missing or scattered. Don’t worry if you are unable to decipher the difference, this process will still work regardless.

Stating a simple phrase like “I release all that isn’t mine and call back the pieces I have left behind” can be a powerful intention to help you find your energy back and reenergize yourself back into yourself again. You can also do the previous energy cleansing activities to complete this energy reorganization.

Ametrine is a great crystal to balance the physical and mental aspects of ourselves. It is comprised of amethyst (spiritual strength and connection to divine, higher energies) and citrine (optimism, joy, sunshine) and balances the spiritual and emotional parts of ourselves.

Clear Quartz is a master healer and is useful for collecting ourselves and empowering all we need and want to do.

Smoky Quartz balances emotions and helps transmute the negativity and bring it to the light for healing.

Finally, Jasper is a very healing, nurturing stone, to help us feel supported at the end of the day and grounded back into ourselves, and the earth. It helps with manifesting as well, to make tomorrow even better than today!

Enjoy these processes and connecting to your energy. I hope these practices can help you feel more in control of your feelings and less pulled about by the day and environment around you.


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