Have you ever wondered how you can use crystals to transform your life? Read on so that you can start working with crystals today!

According to Google, crystals are:

a piece of a homogeneous solid substance having a natural geometrically regular form with symmetrically arranged plane faces.

Each type of crystal we work with has a unique makeup which includes color, geometric form, hardness, and also vibration. Many times, we also lump minerals like iron, copper, gold, and shale into the realm of crystals, and work with them in the same way we work with crystals.

How To Choose Your Crystals

Use Your Intuition

It’s important to use crystals that you feel drawn to, especially when first starting out. Intuition is everything when choosing your first or your 400th crystal (don’t laugh – once you start, you can’t stop). Look around the shop, stop where you feel called to. Look at everything and even pick up specimens that you feel very attracted to.

Honestly, I feel like the crystals I have chosen were either impulsive purchases (total inspiration) or those that I found felt warm in my hands or carried a vibe that just felt right. As you work more with crystals and your intuition, you will discover what feels best for you.

Look It Up

There literally thousands of resources to find out which specific crystals or minerals to purchase for your needs. Sites like Hibiscus Moon, Energy Muse, and Crystal Vaults have a TON of information to help you look up crystals by what they do for you, name, and also color.

You can also buy books, like the Crystal Bible or Philip Permutt’s book, The Crystal Healer.

Colors Rule

You can choose your crystals by color, too. You can choose according to Charkras:

Red = Root Chakra, or community and feelings of worthiness.
Orange = Sacral Chakra, or sexuality and creativity
Yellow = Solar Plexus, or self-confidence and attitude
Green = Heart, or loving relationships, openness, and friendship
Light blue = Throat Chakra, or communication and expression
Deep blue = Third Eye, or intuition and psychic experience
Purple = Crown Chakra, or spiritual connection.

Generally speaking, too, the chakra colors correspond with traditional color symbolism, in most cases. For example:

White stands for purity
Black and dark blue stand for protection
Pink stands for innocent love
Red stands for passionate love
Green and gold stand for money
Yellow and orange stand for optimism

Ultimately, choose what crystal works for you based on your own feelings and beliefs about which color to use.

Working With Your Crystals

There are several ways to work with your crystals. First of all, you can just sit and quietly meditate with your crystal, absorbing the energy of it and letting it do its work with you. You can also keep crystals in your home or workspace, to either uplift the energy or to absorb negative energies that others bring into the space you are in. Many people wear crystals jewelry, and the metals the crystals are mounted in or strung on can have an amplifying effect.

Personally, I love to experiment with different room sprays and elixirs – just make sure that the crystals you use can be submerged in water and/or consumed. If not, set the crystal in a smaller, watertight jar inside the elixir, on a piece. My favorite is a Rose Quartz Room Clearing Spray. Here’s how you can make it.

Rose Quartz Room Clearing Spray

A big glass jar with a lid
Sea Salt (1-2 teaspoons)
Water (from a local source is best, but tap or bottled will do in a pinch)
A piece of Rose Quartz (or small pieces)
Rose, Lavender, or Chamomile essential oil (2-3 drops)
A glass spray bottle

Take the salt, crystals, and water and put them into the jar. Add just a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil. Set the jar in a sunny window. Spray this in your room or workspace to clear the energy and bring a lighter feeling to the environment. You can even spray this on yourself or your clients.

You can make a similar elixir from most of the crystals in the quartz family, like amethyst and clear quartz. Here is a great list of which crystals to use in your elixir for the outcome you are seeking in your life. Please make sure that, if you put the crystal directly in the water, it won’t melt, be ruined, or have and adverse, potentially toxic chemical reaction! If you want to be 100% safe, you can either get a small, airtight jar t put the crystals you are using in and put that into the water or suspend your crystals above the water (on saran wrap), prior to closing the lid. Crystals that can be in water are listed here. All others should be used indirectly (small jar or suspension), just to be safe.

If you want to supercharge your elixir, make it on the day after the New Moon and let it sit for a full moon cycle (28 days). Also, make sure you start in a sacred space. Clear your thoughts and focus on your breath. Set the intention of creating an elixir or crystal spray that will achieve the results you are hoping to achieve. With your intentions set and a clear space, add the water and salt to the jar. Hold each crystal you will use in  your hand and mentally thank it for serving you. Either set the crystals in their small jar and submerge it into the water or place them on a piece of saran wrap and then screw the lid on. Check in with your water every day with a calm mind, reaffirming the intentions of bringing your intention into your life. Once the 28 days has passed, you can transfer the water into your spray bottle and use it.

There are also crystal filled wands and water bottles that you can use to infuse your drinking water with the benefits of the crystals they contain. You can find them in your favorite crystal store or on Amazon. Check out the company VitaJuwel.

As you can see, there are several different ways a person can use crystals to transform their lives. There is a crystal out there for EVERY need you have, from connecting with spirit to opening your intuition to bringing love into your life to removing negativity and drama. When starting to work with crystals, be open to using  your intuition to find the right crystal and a way to use it that fits your needs, lifestyle, and preferences.

Photo by Joel Filipe on Unsplash

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