I had the honor of interviewing Award-Winning Author and Spiritual Ascension Pioneer, Calista Ascension. We talked about her spiritual journey and how she became acquainted with and started working with the Angels, the Female Archangels and how they are helping to heal humankind, and how you can use her upcoming book to help you with your spirituality and health.



Some great quotes from our interview:

“Both Unicorns and The Feminine Archangels are here to help to heal the Divine Feminine.”

“The masculine (energy) was also overused and abused in the last 2000 years.”

“This is our time of awakening. There is another global awakening happening right now—a reset.”

“The angels give us their courage and their strength.”

“We’re all being asked to soften; to reconnect with who we are and reconnect with one another. We don’t have to be spiritually awake for that. Kindness is rising. Humanity is rising. Hope is rising. Unity is rising. All these positives are coming out of this situation (Covid-19).”

“We have to ask ourselves, “How can I be the energy of faith?”

“The message of the Female Archangels, especially, is a return of freedom, a return of pleasure,  a return of joy, a return of unity.”

“That beautiful Angel (combination), Serenity and Cassiel, help us to look at our fear and go, ‘OK, what can I learn from my fear? How can I use it as a tool?'”

“A lot of people who fear death… actually fear living.”


You can find out more about Calista’s work at her website:


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