Today we are talking to Diviner, Fortune Teller, Teacher, and spiritual business maven, Lisa Boswell. She founded Divination and and


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Lisa Boswell was born into a family of fortune-tellers and diviners. Her family is Romany-Gypsy and she’s always been drawn toward divination. She began reading tarot at the age of 7, and that was the start of her love of all things divination.

When Lisa is reading for a client, she usually does a Grand Tableau with Lenormand cards. If she needs to ask for more clarity, she gets out her tarot cards to give some advice. Lisa finds tarot to be more overarching for a person’s life, while Lenormand is more predictive of day-to-day circumstances and happenings.

Lisa recently surveyed her audience to find out what kinds of predictive and divination tools they were using and aware of. She introduced a few different, more unusual methods to her readers.

According to Lisa, there is a string of meaning that runs through different forms of divination. Symbolism is key to using different divination tools. 

Lisa is lucky enough to have a family that understands her work. She and her granny go crystal shopping, and her grandmother expressed surprise that a family might turn its back on someone for reading tarot cards or doing fortune-telling.

Have a listen to the rest of the interview to find out more about Lisa Boswell’s life, work, and beliefs!

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