Today, Spiritual Business Spotlight is chatting with Simon Clarke, Author and Founder of the SiReiki System.

Simon Clarke is a SiReiki and Usui Reiki Master who has been studying the art of Usui Reiki since 1999 and developing his own system since 2009.
Last year, he published a book SiReiki, A New Journey. It’s all about the preparation you need to do to get the best out of your Usui journey, be it a restart or a fresh start get the most out of Usui Reiki.

He has just released SiReiki Becoming, which the first level study guide outlining level one SiReiki. It’s all about looking at Reiki as a tool that works well with other tools and techniques, from angel healing to prayer, mediation, massage and reflexology or whatever technique a person wants to bring forward during a Reiki session that one is qualified to use in a way that’s central to the Reiki vision.

Level One is about teaching the basics of advanced Reiki and is suitable for master practitioner or above in the Usui tradition.

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