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A lot of people doubt their intuition because they don’t use it that often, so the messages are weak, or their ability to receive them is weak, really. But intuition gets stronger the more you use it.


How can you connect with your intuition?

1) Notice it. Many times, our intuition is screaming at us, but we choose to fully ignore it. When you get a strong visceral feeling about someone or something—joy, comfort, disgust, distrust—don’t chalk it off as being nothing. Many times that automatic reaction to a person or situation is your intuition talking to you.
2) Play with it. Working with intuition can be FUN! Ask for messages and see what comes up! Start tuning into your own advice and guidance and flow states, and see where they lead you.
3) Meditate. When you meditate, you give your mind and senses a chance to rest from all of the external stimuli that normally surrounds you. You get quiet, and you get connected. See what comes up when you meditate, and see if it leads you to where you want to go.
4) Find a group that helps you work with and build your intuition. There are a LOT of groups on Facebook that focus on working with intuition—from developing psychic senses and offer exercises to help members develop their intuitive abilities.
5) Track your experiences. See if there are any times of the month that work better for your intuitive hits. Many people feel more connected around the Full Moon. Women sometimes are extremely sensitive and psychic in the days before their period. Try to keep a journal and record things you are strongly pulled toward, things that you are strongly repelled by, things that flow, and things you feel blocked by. Keep a moon cycle calendar on hand to help you see if there are any patterns.

Work with your intuition more often. Trust it. Let it guide you. When you exercise it, it will get much clearer and easier to work with.

Do you feel very connected to your intuition or are you still working to be more comfortable with it?

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