Do you have an interest in learning how to read tarot cards but have not pursued it because of negative things you may have been told about them? I can relate to that because as a child, religious teachings in the elementary school that I attended attempted to instill an apprehension in me that reading tarot cards and other like practices were malevolent. This belief is nothing more than the religious dogma that aims to control people through fear.

Please allow me to explain to you why I now know that Tarot is NOT scary or evil. Tarot cards are merely a deck of cards like any other – just paper, ink, etc. By themselves, they have no mysterious power. A tarot deck, like any other card deck, is an inanimate object; therefore, it can be neither good nor evil. The power of the tarot cards comes from the reader, in conjunction with the source that the reader connects with in order to receive messages. If the reader is working with the cards to receive guidance from a benevolent source, then there is nothing to fear. The messages that come through will be for the good of all concerned.

The angels love to send us messages through tarot cards. In fact, this is how the angels began communicating with me – through the tarot cards. It is without question that they were guiding me before this, but this is how they really grabbed my attention. The angels used the tarot cards in a way that would enable me to come to understand that they have always been there for me. You can read more about my personal experience with the angels in my article titled, “My Psychic Heritage and How I Began Working with the Angels” on the Spiritual Business Spotlight’s blog page.

I have since developed a method of combining the use of angel cards and other oracle cards, along with a traditional Rider-Waite-Smith (RWS) style tarot deck. It is amazingly accurate and inspirational when the angels speak to us through the cards! If you already read tarot, this course will help you take your tarot readings to a whole new level. You can read some testimonials for my course here: Course Testimonials.

This technique has provided me with the means to receive more clear and accurate messages. I can connect with my angels at will in order to obtain their loving advice and support right away. I’m so grateful for this and in turn, want to help as many people as I can to learn how to communicate with their angels through the tarot. That is why I have created this very special course.

The online course includes:

– 6 Class Sessions (10 hours of audio in MP3 format)

– Ebook in PDF format

– Handy reference charts in PDF format

– Audio Meditation in MP3 format

– Access to a private class group on Facebook

– Mentoring and practice via private FB group, private chat

– Optional private mentoring via teleconference call (additional fee)

– Option to become certified via the International Association of Angel Practitioners (additional $44 certification fee)

Required materials (not included):

  • Archangel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.
  • Tarot Deck (Rider-Waite-Smith style)

Note: The Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot Deck will be used for the examples in this course.

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Optional: Any other tarot, angel oracle, or another type of oracle deck of your preference in addition to the required decks for this course as noted above.

Don’t miss out on your chance to enroll in the Mastering the Art of Angel, Oracle, and Tarot Card Reading™ Course for JUST $97. That’s $100 OFF the regular price!

This is an EXCLUSIVE OFFER for subscribers of the Spiritual Business Spotlight by Sue Ellis Saller and for a LIMITED TIME with optional certification via the International Association of Angel Practitioners (IAAP).

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What you will learn:

  • How to choose a deck
  • Creating sacred space
  • Clearing and blessing your deck
  • Grounding and shielding yourself from unwanted energies
  • How to store your deck
  • The difference between tarot, angel card, and oracle decks
  • The difference between mundane, intuitive, and psychic readings
  • How to connect with the angels to receive messages using the Archangel Oracle Cards
  • Who are the 15 archangels depicted in the Archangel Oracle Cards?
    • Which archangels are best suited to help you in different situations?
    • How to ask the archangels for guidance and/or assistance
  • How to improve your intuition by working with the archangels
  • Why tarot cards are just as safe to use as angel oracle cards
  • Basic traditional meanings of all 78 cards (Rider-Waite Tarot Deck)
  • Numerological and astrological associations in the tarot
  • Various ways to interpret the court cards in the tarot
  • The archangels in the tarot
  • How to use tarot cards for angel messages
  • How to structure questions
  • Sample spreads
  • A variety of ways you can use the Archangel Oracle Cards with tarot cards and other oracle decks
  • How to do a reading for yourself
    • Tarot Journaling
    • Tarot notation for journaling
  • How to do a reading for someone else
    • In-person, telephone, video-call, chat, email, etc.

Optional Certification Requirements:

  • Pass Quiz
  • Submit a Reading with Feedback
  • Pay Additional Certification Fee


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