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Important Astrological Dates in May 2022

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio – May 16th
New Moon in Gemini – May 30th


Motto of the month: Stay confident!

Finance and Professional Life are the main subjects in May, my impulsive Aries. Yes, you can do it! After one solar eclipse on April 30 and one lunar eclipse upcoming on May 16, you cannot avoid the troubleshooting. The communication planet Mercury turns retrograde on May 10 to June 3 and this makes discussions, cooperations, job schedules a bit problematic. Carefully reexamine everything. However, your financial situation is not bad at all. The unexpected Uranus is in your favor somehow and brings you some good money news. Sensual Venus is almost throughout the month in your sign and lucky Jupiter come together. You’ll get what you wished for. Be careful with traveling and prefer known places. Relax, take time for yourself, beauty, inner confidence and healthy habits.

The Chariot Reversed

This month might not be the most stable for you, dear Aries. You might not feel like you are the one in control of your life and the world around you. You also might not feel like you have time to truly center into yourself to make choices, and that will throw you off your game.

There is also a chance your travel plans will be either delayed or cancelled. You might get stuck at home for a staycation instead of being able to go on an adventure. Sorry.


Motto of the month: It’s written in the stars!

Fate is calling you in May, my stable Taurus. Since lucky Jupiter leaves you, unsolved issues come back. You have been already moved far in your professional life and you are worth every success you can get. Follow your plans and you will see them happening in the future. Don’t give up. The communication planet Mercury turns retrograde on May 10 to June 3 and this makes you reconsider every decision you’ve made. Financially you are in a good place. Bonuses may also occur. Your personal life goes through some changes. Many of you will visualize a new home, a starting over in a new city, to move. Take care of your health more this month, since your energy level is low. Keep a healthy lifestyle and be careful of your diet.

Knight of Pentacles

You’ll be focused on your goal this month, dear Taurus. It might not be a time to get a lot done, but you will take purposeful strides forward toward your dreams. You’ll be working to create stability and security for yourself this month, and others might need you to be a good friend for them.

You might also meet someone who is secure, grounded, and a realist. This person can become a good friend to you. They are earthy and stable. What more could you want in a friend?


Motto of the month: Go with the flow!

You are finally living the change in May, my communicative Gemini. Somehow, you find yourself successful at work after such a long journey. After doing the best you can to overcome any obstacle, you did it! The communication planet Mercury turns retrograde on May 10 to June 3 and it shall be a time to sit back and relax. Rethink, reorganize and put everything in order especially in the last 20 days of the month. Your finances are good. Your personal life is also looking good. Restoring your house, finding a new apartment, planning and doing the best out of the situation, May is the right month for this. Be aware of new friends, that may not last long, but the old ones come again in your life. Take care of yourself during the period of the lunar eclipse on May 14 to 16 and drive safely!

Queen of Swords

This month will see you settling right into your natural tendencies, dear Gemini. You’ll tell the truth without really worrying all that much about the emotional impact. Facts are facts, right, Gemini. You might come off as being cold and calculated, though.

You might also meet someone who is very sure of their opinions and is not afraid to share them. Unfortunately, this might sting a little bit, especially if they hit a nerve. Make sure to detach yourself from any sort of emotional reaction to see the rational—even inspirational—advice they have for you.


Motto of the month: Everything falls into pieces!

After so many troubles May is bringing you smiles again, my sensitive Cancer. Your professional life looks good. Say goodbye to the issues of the past. The communication planet Mercury turns retrograde on May 10 to June 3 and so you may experience some obstacles in discussions, in projects, in almost every aspect of your daily life. Your financial situation is good in general, so you may even pay your old debts. Your personal life is surrounded by a nice atmosphere. You may even reconnect with loved ones you haven’t seen for a long time. Forget about minor health issues and enjoy the time now. Your energy levels are high.


You’re almost to the end of this phase in life. It’s time to look back on what you’ve experienced, what you learned, and use that information to plot a course forward. Ask yourself what you need to get rid of and what you need more of. Be radically honest. It’s time for you to make some judgment calls so you can evolve to the next level in your life.


Motto of the month: You are a king! You are a queen!

New plans and different future begin in May, my glowing Leo. Professionally you are a winner, we know that. You never give up and this is your main weapon, your strength. Discussions and meetings in general may not be ideal, but the point is no to give up. The communication planet Mercury turns retrograde on May 10 to June 3 so you’ll slow down your actions. Your finances are good. Seems that some clever investments are paying off. However, even if you work like crazy, you’ll find time for your loved ones, your family, your children. You may also improve your household, change furniture, decorate, sell a house, begin with constructions. Travels are favored. Your health is in a good place and so your super energy!

Four of Swords Reversed

There doesn’t seem to be any rest for you this month, dear Leo. Even if you need a break, there won’t be any time for it. Unfortunately, this need to keep going might have a negative impact on your health—especially your mental health.

See if there is anything you can leave off of your to-do list for the time being so you aren’t so busy. Really, you’ll probably be busy even if you do postpone a few tasks.


Motto of the month: You are so close!

May changes the way you see things, my organizational Virgo. Professionally you are on a safe mode, even if you think that everyone around you is on your side. The communication planet Mercury turns retrograde on May 10 to June 3 which means that you must handle minor misunderstandings, changes of plans, delays and so on. You might have to clarify your status to your colleagues. Your financial situation has a lot of ups and downs. If you have luck, you will receive. However, loved ones and family support you. Your personal life focus on the past and the future. Solve any conflicts with style, harmony and leave all the differences aside. It is not the best month for unspoken words. Plan making is not dangerous. Your energy level is good, such as your health.

Five of Wands

This month is all about competition, dear Virgo. You’ll be looking around at what everyone else is doing and comparing yourself to others. Make sure that you are using what you see as a way of motivating yourself. You are just as capable of success as they are. Competition can be a positive force if you use it properly.


Motto of the month: Take a deep breath!

Reconsider your life in May, my diplomatic Libra. Professionally, you have seen better days. Focus on administrative tasks and organize your business. The communication planet Mercury turns retrograde on May 10 to June 3, which means that new acquaintances and diverse discussions need special attention. Be aware when signing new contracts, important documents. Leave the important trip you are planning for later. Financially though this is not a bad time. You may receive some unexpected money for other sources. Your personal life is just ok, since you balance between work and family. Lucky Jupiter may open some beautiful doors for the single people around you. However, your health is not so exciting. You feel down and you need some time for yourself. Relax, go out for a walk, take a massage.

Ten of Wands

You have a lot of work to do this month, dear Libra, but you are totally into it. You know that the work you do now will pay off later. Just make sure you don’t drive yourself too mercilessly this month. Find a balance. Too much work might have a negative effect on your health and well-being. Pace yourself.


Motto of the month: Make memories!

May is an important month for you, my secretive Scorpio. Professionally, you experience a transition. New job, new opportunities, new colleagues, new projects. It looks really promising. The communication planet Mercury turns retrograde on May 10 to June 3 does not favor negotiations, meetings and adapting new things. Take time off. Your finances are stable, since nothing unusual will occur. The future looks better though. However, you are lucky in love. Even if the eclipses are coming one after the other major decisions are on the way. Getting married? Possible. Listen to your inner voice and you’ll find the way. Your health is good and your energy, too. Just look out for anything that you have to check in order to look better in the future.

Queen of Pentacles Reversed

This month might be insecure and chaotic, especially where your home and finances are concerned, dear Scorpio. You’ll feel like you can’t get things lined up in a harmonious way, and you might feel unsettled because of it. Remember, this is a temporary state. What can you learn from it.

You might also meet someone who is unstable materially, or just isn’t a great friend. Do you need to get involved in this person’s messy life? Can you keep your energy separate from theirs? Unfortunately, this person might end up triggering you and you might set out to help them, but it might not work out how you hoped it would.


Motto of the month: Stay active!

May is such an intense month for you, my traveling Sagittarius. Hard work and lots of activities are in the program. Even if you think you are relaxing, it won’t really happen. Take advantage of the first 10 days of the month, they are the best for you to solve any issues. The communication planet Mercury turns retrograde on May 10 to June 3 so be aware of decisions, meetings, new people around you. Take this time to think about the past, your plans and the future. Your finances are good. If you need support, you’ll find it from friends and loved ones. Your personal life is also very active. You are building a house, rearranging the furniture, home projects, it all goes around. If you are single, something exiting and new is coming. Your health is ok but you should be more careful.

Ace of Wands

You are going to find a new passion or seed of inspiration this month, dear Sagittarius. The ember is glowing, and you have to figure out if this is something you want to fuel and tend or if it is a flash in the pan. Either way, it will be an exciting month for you, and you will definitely find yourself ignited by a person, mission, or vision. Are you ready to start a fire?


Motto of the month: Calm down!

May has stress for you, my workaholic Capricorn. You will work a lot, so much that you unfortunately neglect your personal life. The creative people among you will find such a creative inspiration, it will just flow. All the other professions are not so favored. Maybe you should take some days off? The communication planet Mercury turns retrograde on May 10 to June 3, so you just must rethink your plans, avoid any serious decisions, be careful what you are signing. Financially, you had better days. Your expenses are increasing, and you never have enough to spend. You must enjoy more. You may think to rent a new home with your partner or even buy a house. Your health is good, your mood is also nice and your energy high.

King of Cups

This month will be about mastering your emotions, dear Capricorn. You need to be a pillar of strength for yourself and those around you. People will be seeking your advice and comfort this month. Be open and generous when it comes to being available, emotionally, to others. Your support and guidance will help them through the month.

You might also meet someone who is a natural counselor or healer. They will give great advice for you to use to calm and master your emotions.


Motto of the month: Live!

Don’t overdo it with your planning, my airy Aquarius. Yes, you try to solve some serious administrative issues at work, but you manage it. The communication planet Mercury turns retrograde on May 10 to June 3 and so be careful what you say, what you sign and where you travel. Financially, you are in a good place. If you deal with any inheritance issues, then this shall be positive. Expect to receive some extra money. Your personal life looks interesting. You might go for a romantic trip, or just meet new charming people if you are single. Old friends, old flames and people you haven’t seen for a long time come again in your life. Yes, you are energetic and healthy. Be careful of your diet and exercise, so you won’t gain weight.

Four of Pentacles Reversed

You might experience financial insecurity and loss this month, dear Aquarius. You might feel ungrounded and like you are floating along, looking for an anchor or support.

Unfortunately, too, past material pursuits might have hurt your relationships with others and those feelings might be coming to a head this month. Can you find common ground with the people who are most important to you and get your feet back on the ground?


Motto of the month: Moving on up!

Work or personal life, this is the question in May, my dreamy Pisces. The decision is never easy. You are getting closer to your colleagues, and you may go also to a very interesting business trip. Focus on the first 10 days of the month for any important matters. The communication planet Mercury turns retrograde on May 10 to June 3 , which implies that you should be careful with discussions, contracts, collaborations. The seatbacks are in the program. Such as old friends and old flames that come in your life again. Financially, everything is stable. Lucky Jupiter is helping you. Yes, your personal life looks good and has beautiful moments with your loved ones for you. Your health is good and your energy high.


One phase of your life is coming to an end, dear Pisces, and it’s time for you to look back at the good and the bad, using that information to fuel the next phase or evolution in your life. Get rid of anything that wasn’t serving you and double-down on what way. Play an active role in what the next phase in your journey looks like.

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