Important Astrological Dates for May 2023

Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

MAY 19
New Moon in Taurus

Mercury is in retrograde through May 14

Card of the Month

3 of Pentacles
Teamwork will be important this month, but it will also be important for you to show up as your best self.  Don’t hesitate to reach out for help and guidance from a mentor if you need it.

Phrase of the Month:

“Slowly and steadily the race is won.” The manifestation of our lives, and our dreams comes as a result of truly living a life of enjoyment, as much as we can, even if the pleasures are small but important.

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Tarotscopes and Horoscopes for May 2023


If you want luck to last, don’t focus on what’s wrong.

For the past few months, you’ve been benefiting from the positive waves of lucky Jupiter, my fighting Aries. It offers you opportunities aimed at improving your daily life or a fresh start. On the 16th, it completes its sojourn in Aries. This month is the time to take advantage of all the resources and all the benefits that lucky Jupiter offers you and the evolution it brings with it all. Take time to take advantage of the opportunities that will present themselves to you. On the other hand, to concretize them, you will need to take care of the obligations imposed by the energies of dynamic Mars coming from sensitive Cancer. So, if you feel that you are wasting time, do not despair, because this feeling will not last long. From the 21st of the month, dynamic Mars in glowing Leo now settles your affairs. What seemed compromised to you is now achieved under the best of circumstances.

On the 5th of the month we have the Full Moon of flowers, or mother, and also a lunar eclipse, in secretive Scorpio. We emphasize our interpersonal family relationships and how we express our love, our feelings. Finances too – especially taxes, interest, stocks, insurance, pensions and financing – are most affected.

Now is the time to take advantage of the wonderful opportunities and energy emanating from Jupiter in Aries. If any of these are of particular interest to you, get into it and get organized then. However, if you’re finding it a little more difficult to get started or if you feel stuck in the middle, don’t panic. Find a compromise and you’ll reach your goal without wasting precious time. From the 17th, Jupiter enters Taurus and acts in another area: finances. Luck smiles on this side, but provided you are more careful than usual.

On the 19th we have a New Moon in lovely, stable Taurus. It favors issues related to finances, daily life, and our lifestyle in general.

May 23, 2023, Mars 01o 28′ Leo square Jupiter 01o 28′ Taurus

Unreasonable energy, a big risk that can lead to a fiasco, a blunder of all kinds, explosive situations, turmoil, fires, “fireworks,” tumult.


Whatever you do, do it wisely and focus on the result. Ovid , 43 BC-17 AD, Roman poet

The energies emanating from dreamy Pisces and sensitive Cancer give meaning to your existence in general, fixed Taurus. Ties with those who share your values are tightening. However, it lacks that little something that makes a wonderful whole!

But it is embodied by Jupiter, which settles into your sign from the 17th. The lucky star and evolution will promote your personal expansion. It will give you opportunities that will get you back on track or restore balance that has been compromised.

May 1, 2023, Sun and Mercury (retrograde) conjunction at 11° 20′ Taurus

Increased travel, several conversations and meetings, project promotion, good personal “marketing”, contact with familiar names, ease of communication.

On the 5th of the month we have the Full Moon of flowers or mother and also a lunar eclipse, in secretive Scorpio. The energy is intense. Finances are an issue and lifestyle in general. Partnerships, relationships and partnerships are affected. Be careful what you do.

Long-awaited opportunities present themselves to you, thanks to people who have known you for a long time. So if one of them makes you an exciting offer, take a closer look, because it has all the potential to meet your expectations. Also, from May 21 onwards, don’t alienate someone on the pretext that you find them superficial. Financially, this area is still going well, even if you are demonstrating a modest lifestyle that is geared towards the basics.

This month of May promises to be rewarding and constructive. For the magic to work, think about past experiences. This will prevent you from making the same mistakes again.


Erasing a piece of the past is like erasing a corresponding piece of the future. George Seferis , 1900-1971, Greek poet, Nobel Prize 1963

This month, lucky Jupiter finishes its race in militant Aries, my communicating Gemini. So you have until May 16 to fill opportunities and complete your address book! After that it’s all happening with the support of dynamic Mars in glowing Leo and the Sun in your sign that you can take advantage of all these benefits. Although you are encouraged to be dynamic and entrepreneurial, take time to reflect. Sort through everything you have accumulated to retain only what is realistic and achievable. You have time besides with your Ruler Mercury retrograde until May 14. Don’t forget that the dissonances of “teacher” Saturn are watching you closely. They are not there to make you miserable, quite the opposite. They put sticks in your wheels to prevent you from embarking on projects that would not serve your interests.

May 1, 2023, conjunction of Sun and Mercury (retrograde) 11° 20′ Taurus

Increased travel, several discussions and meetings, project promotion, good personal “marketing”, contact with familiar names, ease of communication.

On the 5th of the month we have the Full Moon of flowers or mother and also a lunar eclipse, in secretive Scorpio. Because Mars is also involved there, more attention will be needed on the surrounding days, in decisions around partnerships and relationships and in health. Relationships and partnerships are being tested, and attention will need to be paid to financial relationships and health.

Until May 7, your loves are living up to your expectations. Then the atmosphere could tarnish and lose that vibrancy that enchants you. If you want to avoid these inconveniences, try as much as possible to find charm or romance in candlelit dinners.

The atmosphere is a little cool this month. Although you have the resources to stay the course, it is not certain that this is enough. To break the ice, reassure your other half of your intentions and feelings.

This month of May looks good. You encounter everyday ease. You achieve your goals flawlessly. Alas, by the 17th, you may feel an unexpected attitude. Under these circumstances, do not proceed. Take the opportunity to take care of everything you have undertaken in recent months. Once you do this, you can focus on the basics and your plans will go all the way instead of falling apart. On the financial side, your love affairs could cost you dearly. So don’t be greedy with your money, but try to limit your generosity and euphoria.

Mercury, your favourite planet, encourages you to take stock of everything that has happened in the past few months. Although this is boring, do it. It will be rewarding.


The impossible becomes possible. Because you can.

Gradually, the energies emanating from Jupiter in Aries diminish to disappear on the 16th. By the 17th, your life starts on the right foot again thanks to the good waves coming from Jupiter in Taurus. The positive and constructive aspect connecting one side to Saturn in Pisces and the other to Mars in Cancer, bodes well for you to feel much better! The feeling that fate is hitting you for dark reasons disappears. It is replaced by the feeling that you have a lucky star over your head. In this atmosphere of understanding, good humor and luck, your existence takes on another dimension. It opens you up to other perspectives that allow you to take advantage of your talents, skills and experience.

On the 5th of the month we have the Full Moon of flowers or Mother and also a lunar eclipse, in secretive Scorpio.

You agree with this, but slowly things are improving. From the 8th, the Venus transit in Cancer heralds improvement. That of Jupiter in Taurus begins a positive change! In this climate of trust and understanding, you are finally coming out of your reserve.

Slowly but surely, your union is slowly but surely regaining its meaning. Mercury’s reassuring influences restore bonds. Venus, from the 8th, revives emotions. From the 16th you can make proposals to your other half without being refused.

This month, what was impossible becomes possible! Stars in friendly signs create a connection with someone who could surprise you with their kindness and availability. For the rest, you decide!

You are evolving into a universe that suits you and suits you. Take time to welcome opportunities as they arise. They will prove far more beneficial than you imagine.


I hear it and forget it. I see it and remember it. I do it and I understand it. Confucius, 551-479 B.C., Chinese philosopher

Through the 16th, good Jupiter in combative Aries continues to offer you opportunities designed to expand your scope, my brilliant Lions. Lucky Jupiter joins Uranus, Mercury and the Sun in stationary Taurus. This metaphor can feel brutal to you, for it will surely stop that beautiful impulse that pushes you to change what needs to be changed. Instead of giving up or rebelling against failures, take a step back. Take advantage of the delays that accumulate to perfect what has been proposed to you lately. Arrange for your projects to be accepted by those who reject them. To do this, give them time instead of behaving as if it were a done deal. The more you listen to the opinions of others, the more you will be on the right track.

On the 5th we have the Full Moon of flowers, or mother, and also a lunar eclipse, in secretive Scorpio. Light falls on family matters, on matters of the home, on the relationship between members. Emotion and a little bit of concern is in the air, but all as always manageable.

Until 7 all is well for the unattached or even the lovers. Then the flame of passion flickers. Of course, a feeling of loneliness appears.

Your success lies in your ability to listen to the opinions of others. In taking up this challenge, you will be pleasantly surprised by the qualities that some people possess.


When you really listen to someone else from their point of view and respond based on that understanding, it’s like giving them emotional oxygen. Stephen Covey , 1932-2012, American self-help author

“Master” Saturn continues to push you into your curiosities while trying to open you to another vision of life, my organizational Virgos. As a result, sometimes you feel good and other times, discouragement can take over.

May 1, 2023, Sun and Mercury (retrograde) conjunction at 11° 20′ Taurus

Increased travel, several conversations and meetings, project promotion, good personal “marketing”, contact with familiar names, comfort in communication.

Saturn’s influences encourage you to focus on this register. As a result, you see the situation with a frugal, pessimistic and sometimes critical view. Fortunately, energies on friendly planets are a diversion! They make you meet people who have the power to make you change your mind.

On the 5th we have the Full Moon of flowers, or mother, and also a lunar eclipse, in secretive Scorpio. Communication needs attention, what we say, how we say it and who we discuss it with. Also moves , small moves need attention and redefinition. Definitely our deepest choices and deepest feelings come to the surface.

The atmosphere can be a little heavy at times emotionally, but rest assured, it’s not all bad! You have all the resources you need to make things easier. Feel free to use it and your other half will smile again.

The stars for the unattached offer to make a meeting full of charm and delicacy. For the magic to work, let things happen without asking a thousand questions. When you feel it, go for it!

However, some proactive help would be appreciated! It is embodied by lucky Jupiter, that lucky star, the planet we all want close to us, and evolution, which settles into stationary Taurus on May 17. It opens the door to new possibilities that have been felt for some time.

So if someone makes you an exciting offer, consider it. And don’t think you’re not up to it, because that’s not true. Financially, money and small gifts soothe conflicts, but that’s no reason to break your piggy bank. Be generous, but sparingly.

When you feel events crystallizing, take a step back. This will help you understand their significance and what you need to do to calm down.


The most effective treatment is friendship and love. Hubert Humphrey , 1911-1978, American politician, vice president of the United States

This month, the situation is still complicated, but rest assured, it is not hopeless, my diplomatic Libra!

Although lucky Jupiter’s DNA is beneficial, it created some tension during its sojourn in impulsive Aries. His departure restores calm and you find your sanity. By ignoring Cancer’s complaints, you can get off to a good start. How? By meeting people different from your habits.

Jupiter’s departure soothes conflicts. On the other hand, impulses in Cancer stir up old grievances. If you want to get your relationship out of this hellish spiral, change your mind. How? By making a little getaway, just the two of you.

May 4, 2023, Venus 26° 50′ Gemini square Neptune 26° 50′ Pisces

Disloyalty, deception, naivety, frustration of expectations, flattery, illusions, platonic love, idealization.

On the 5th of the month we have the Full Moon of the flowers or mother but also a lunar eclipse, in secretive Scorpio. Light falls on finances, and on matters of security, emotional and material. We are called to listen more to our bodies, what we feel, what makes us happy, what gives harmony to our lives and our daily routine. It is not necessary that everyone likes it, as long as you like it.

This month you have meetings waiting for you. On the other hand, to take things further, you should expect more favorable days. Unless you find charm in a love life full of calm and romance.

To avoid crossing an area of turbulence, accept this routine that undermines your morale. How? By maintaining regular contact with a sparkling relationship.


In difficult times, people of action are more valuable than people of virtue.

Since last month, difficulties in interpersonal relationships stemming from unpredictable Uranus and communicative Mercury in stationary Taurus have been signaling that there will be change, my secretive Scorpios. It takes place on the 17th with the transfer of lucky Jupiter into Taurus. The opposition connecting the lucky star and progression to your sign foretells that your peace will be shaken. How? With unexpected opportunities, of course, but which you hope for implicitly. This month, you can change things, but only if it’s not at the expense of your achievements. To succeed in this small miracle, take the time to study what is being proposed to you.

Your loves, if you agree, can take on another dimension. To do this, you need to welcome luck with a smile instead of rejecting it. To realize this small miracle, ignore external influences. This will make you see situations or people beyond appearances.

With energies coming from Taurus, harmony is not always easy to maintain. Jupiter’s arrival can settle things as much as complicate them! If you have news to announce, do so politely. This will prevent overflow.

On the 5th we have the Full Moon of flowers, or mother, and also a lunar eclipse, in secretive Scorpio. In finances, around the 5th don’t confuse cash receipts with expenses. Be very clear and check exactly where you stand. Lots of emotions and you’ll probably wonder what’s in store.

By different means, Jupiter and Mars reintroduce movement into your being. Instead of dismissing it, take time to harness it. You won’t regret it.


Ignoring the facts doesn’t change the facts.

With lucky Jupiter in impulsive Aries, you’re evolving in an atmosphere that suits you, my traveling Sagittarius. Jupiter’s transiting Jupiter in stationary Taurus will always be felt because the pace will be more static and less enthusiastic.

On the 5th we have the Full Moon of flowers, or mother, and also a lunar eclipse, in secretive Scorpio. Deep introspection and light on whatever behind the scenes and hidden things this moon sheds.

Contradictions disappear on the 8th and may return on the 22nd. To avoid this, Mars in Leo encourages you to embellish your relationship and convince your other half. How? By filling it with bright, bright little touches.

May 17: Jupiter enters Taurus after 12 years.

This month starts well and ends the same way. However, you need to handle a break that lasts a few days. Keep an eye on events. Then you will easily pick up where you left off.


Optimism is essential for success. It is also fundamental to courage and real progress. Nicholas Butler , 1862-1947, American academic

The turbulent energies of your “master” Aries Ruler are slowly losing their intensity, my workaholic Capricorns. Although you are not completely available to your lovers, you are beginning to give them more attention. In this state of mind, your relationships with others or your other half take a pleasant turn. To achieve something constructive, focus on qualities.

On the 5th, we have the Full Moon of flowers or mother as well as a lunar eclipse, in secretive Scorpio. Light falls on your socials, your position, what you want to show and perhaps emotionally it doesn’t yet cover you in the form it has taken. Deep breaths and if the searching has begun to get intense as well as the reflection, a longer breath is needed.

Tensions are calming down. As a result, you are feeling better and better. This month, you are more likely to spend time with your other half, those who are committed. To keep the deal going, pay compliments instead of making introductions.

After a period of instability for the unattached, your romances are moving towards normalcy. Exchanges are becoming more frequent as are dates. For all of this to lead to a relationship that lasts, don’t focus on the things that bother you.

This month, pay compliments and be optimistic! This will have beneficial effects on your relationships because they will meet your expectations.


A dream is just a dream. A goal is a dream with a plan and a deadline. Harvey Mackay , 1932-, American self-help author

Although your progress is slow with beloved “teacher” Jupiter in combative Aries, you are seizing opportunities, my airy Aquarians. It gives you the willpower to not get discouraged in the face of setbacks.

If you want your loves to be projected over time, don’t be all or nothing. Look to the virtues of a calmer life instead of overwhelming it with all the bad and weird stuff.

On the 5th we have the Full Moon of flowers, or mother, and also a lunar eclipse, in secretive Scorpio. Light falls on your social wants, professional, status and status issues. Emotions are many, but they have a meaning of existence. We listen to our wants, and write them down for the future.

Supported by good Venus until 7, you feel comfortable everywhere and with everyone. Fortune smiles on you. You have the feeling of being lucky!

Your charisma is working wonders. You meet people with an unsettling ease, but they are fleeting my unattached encounters. If you want to have a lasting relationship, try to be more emotionally outgoing. And if you can, accept the limitations with a smile.

Alas, from the 17th, with Jupiter moving into Taurus, the atmosphere changes. People are more demanding of you. Going for power won’t save you time, quite the opposite. Instead, take advantage of these risks to identify what’s wrong to fix it. From the 21st, with Mars in Leo, reacting in a positive way will ease tensions and denials.

Living with the energies of Taurus is not simple. However, if you wish, you can reduce the tension. How? By pursuing one goal at a time.


Freedom is the ability of man to take his own development into his own hands. It is the ability to create oneself. Rollo May , 1909-1994, American psychologist

Thanks to the reassuring and benevolent energies of steady Taurus and sensitive Cancer, your bonds are rediscovering their meaning and the sincerity of their origins, my dreamy Pisces. People who have been gone could return to you. Your relationships are chosen and reliable.

On the 5th we have the Full Moon of flowers or Mother and also a lunar eclipse, in secretive Scorpio. Light falls on all the long journeys, the philosophy of life, what you dream of conquering most, your deepest desires.

Until the 7th, otherwise sweet Venus in communicative Gemini sows a little confusion. Fortunately, the energies of Taurus and Cancer inspire you to choose calm and security. From the 22nd, this decision is challenged by the Sun in Gemini unless you no longer hear the siren song.

Your existence is improving day by day, but evil geniuses are also stubborn. By being cold and distant you will drive them out of your reach.

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