“My name is Cottage,” the Spirit of the House told me.

But that is not where this conversation started. I will, for sake of ease, refer to Cottage as female. That is how I interpret the spirit’s energy to be.
Since moving into my new home three months ago I have been aware that there is a friendly spirit here.

This is completely different to the feeling of a ghostly presence. A ghost does not pervade the entire house. It may be able to move from room to room but the energy is localised.

Cottage is everywhere. Because that is actually hard for me to comprehend, she is willing to be seen, in my mind, as a nymph-like figure. But she is equally at home in the bedroom, bathroom or kitchen.

When I first shifted in, I heard her immediately. She had an instruction for me.

“Don’t sage, please.”

My response was an intelligent “Huh.”


A short while later, I worked out what she was talking about. With the stress of moving I had forgotten what phase the moon was in. It was going to be full in two days’ time. That would be a perfect time to do the saging ritual I had planned.

Cottage has, in the short time I’ve known her, been really friendly and happy to communicate. She loves magic rituals being conducted within her. And any improvements I have made to our home have been met with delight.

Hearing her has been surprisingly easy. I learned, within the Shamanistic tradition, that everything has a spirit. Therefore, it makes sense to accept that your home, whether it’s a house, apartment or caravan, has one. If you are more in attunement with spirits than I am, you can probably sense that even each room has its own spirit. These must be
something like children of the house spirit but with their own little, individual traits.

Being aware that there is a spirit also dwelling in my home makes we think of what would be the most harmonious actions to take place within. The house spirit is unlikely to be overly demanding. Cottage enjoys the burning of incense, chanting and laughter. As yet, Ihave not discovered her tastes in music.

So, yes, the house spirit likes a happy vibe. But there is more to it than just being happy. The house wants to be taken care of. If you rent, you will not be able to do repairs but you can certainly dust in the corners and keep clutter to a minimum. It is between you and the house spirit whether you have lots of possessions on show. Trust your intuition. You
were probably drawn to this home because you and the house spirit have similar likes.

Something to remember is to clear the energy after arguments. The house spirit does not need to sit in your low energy.

Of course, if you are planning renovations of any degree, it makes sense to let the house spirit know. You might find yourself gently persuaded to alter the plans just slightly. And, you will see that the alterations work better than your original idea.

Mainly, the house spirit has a passive role. It will not tell you to take out the rubbish or to vacuum the spare room. But if you take the time to listen, it may let you know when maintenance is required before the damage is visible. It may ensure that any draughts blow
away from your favourite seat and it may just add a cosy ambience to your home.

Cottage tells me that having been a rental property with uncaring tenants in her for years has depleted her. Then she smiles, in her nymph form, and says with each act of care I perform, she is growing happier and stronger again.

QQQQQQQQQQQQ 21111111111111111

This enigmatic line was added when I left my computer for a moment. While I can blame the cat, was it actually Cottage sending a message via his pawprints?

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