I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Chicago-based Tarot and Oracle Card Reader, Astrologer, and Practicing Witch, Morgan Sverson. Morgan and I talked about reading tarot, being a witch and belonging to a coven (she’s a part of Ethony Dawn’s Coven), conscious consumerism, and trying to stay sane and healthy during the Coronavirus pandemic period and quarantine.


Some great quotes from Morgan during our interview:

“When someone orders a reading, I start to get visions of them and also feelings of what deck to use…”

“I really hope blogging makes a comeback because that’s the medium that resonates most with me.”

“You should really take a step back and acknowledge your relationship with technology and social media.”

Morgan has a blog series called Ask Morgan!

“Being a predictive reader gives me anxiety.”

“I recommend being on the path (spirituality) but you also have to be careful because you will start this snowball of really recognizing your impact on the world.”

“It’s about giving yourself grace, space, and compassion that you’re doing the best that you can if you genuinely are, and being cognizant of the things you are enabling with your dollar.”

Find out more about Morgan at her site:Morgan Swerson

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