Michelle McKenzie

Michelle coaches women who desperately want to make a change in their lives. If you’re not getting up in the morning totally jazzed to start the day, it’s time to start working on your dreams!

Do they still make your heart skip a beat OR do you have new dreams you’d like to explore?

I’m Michelle McKenzie, a Certified Transformational Life Coach (trained as a life & spiritual and a certified neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner), and I can help you catch these opportunities!

I also offer Reiki and Intuitive Card readings along with all my proven coaching tools to help you reach your goals! But ONLY if you want those added. No pressure there! (The Reiki can help you power through some physical and spiritual blocks, and the cards can give you insights.)

We’ll inspect your dreams and ideas, make a plan and make them YOURS!

My coaching style is a mixture of friend, expert, been-there-done-that, deep listener and deep questioner.

Let me help you create the fabulous life you’ve always wanted while gaining your own dazzling authenticity!



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