Rachel Chamness

Rachel Chamness, Angelic & Elemental Channeler, Spiritual Counselor, & Sound Healer
Connecting you to Angelic & Elemental Helpers for a better life!

?Are you eager to step into your LIGHT & SHINE?

❤Do you want your every day to be filled with CHARM & MAGIC?

?To LIVE in the flow of MAGIC & ABUNDANCE?

?Would you like to be connected with Fairies, Dragons, Archangels & Angels, Unicorns, Mermaids, or other beings? I can attune you to their frequency, and channel messages for you in a private session. I have private and group attunements for sale.

⭐I want to help you connect to your Higher Self so that TOGETHER, we can break through blocks & discordant energies with the help of Angels, Elementals & Guides!!

?Hi! I’m Rachel Chamness, I am an Angelic & Elemental Channeler, Spiritual Counselor, & Sound Healer.  I help connect my clients with Mystical Beings & Angels that live alongside us as Spirit Guides & Helpers but vibrate at a higher frequency.

?Will you take this wonderful journey with me??
?For healing and shifting to higher vibration frequencies & ascension work, I suggest a Liquid Reiki Sound Healing Treatment. In a session done by distance (but recorded for you), I blend channeled Spirit Guides and Sound Healing with Reiki, to remove any Past Life Blocks that are keeping you from aligning with your True Self.

❤I channel these beings with my voice as a Sound Healer & Reiki Master, I deliver their messages as a Channel & Trance Medium, and I can teach you how to utilize them for your greatest good! ️YES, they want to help, and in fact, for some (like Dragons, unicorns, & Angels), it is their JOB to help us!!! ❤


?? I was a professional Opera Singer, and now I use my trained voice to channel Vocal Sound Healing I call Liquid Reiki, along with instruments, to channel healing sounds & messages for healing.

Website: www.SoundWavesHeal.com

Contact me: https://www.soundwavesheal.com/contact-us

Scheduling link: https://SoundWavesHeal.as.me/

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