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Vanessa Talbot

Client Attraction Mystic
Radiance & Influence for Coaches and Change Makers

The Goddess of Radiance & Influence for Coaches and Change Makers, Vanessa specialises in inspiring Coaches to ignite their presence so they get known, build a greater following of raving fans, and naturally attract more clients.
Vanessa is also a professional Tarot Reader for over 35 years. Her long love with the art of Tarot has seen her read for celebrities, multi-millionaire business owners, and teach tarot to the many coaches and change-makers who take her programs and courses.

Website: www.vanessatalbot.com

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Facebook: Facebook.com/groups/stepintothespotlight
Facebook: Facebook.com/VanessaTalbotCoachClientAttraction
Instagram: Instagram.com/vanessatcoachclientattraction
LinkedIn: Linkedin.com/in/vanessatalbotgetknownattractclients

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