Welcome to our Weekly Card Pick! Today, Vanessa Talbot, Client Attraction Mystic and Radiance & Influence for Coaches and Change Makers pulled cards from the Divine Circus Oracle Deck by Alana Fairchild. Choose a card for insight into what you may be holding on to and need to let go of to create your dream spiritual business.

Take a moment to center yourself. Close your eyes. Take a few deep, relaxing breaths.

Now, choose a card (1, 2, or 3) and find out what your message is!

three red cards on a black tablecloth

Which card did you choose?

drawing of a beautiful glowing woman SUPERNOVA card

1) Supernova

Supernova indicates a time of rapid growth for your spiritual business. This isn’t a quiet contained steady growth. It’s an EXPLOSION of creative energy and power that can launch you and your business into a higher realm and with a brighter light than you’ve been before. You’ll be noticed for sure.

However, this sort of supernova growth can be unsettling, disruptive, uncertain, even scary, especially if we like to feel safe and comfortable.

Supernova asks you to stop playing small.

In doing so you’ll need to let go of the things that have kept you playing small to embrace this dramatic gift of a rocket ship to the stars of your destiny.

Old beliefs, attitudes, fear, playing safe will need to be released.
There may be people or support systems that you’ll no longer align with that need to be let go.
Trust you know which and how to respond.

Release with trust what has held you back, and surrender to your supernova expansion.

beautiful drawing of a young woman in a field of giant mushrooms Alice Oracle card

2) Alice

Just like Alice in Wonderland, it’s time for you to explore new worlds.

This may come to you with new opportunities, ideas, new connections for your spiritual business.

These new worlds may seem strange, even unnerving at times, yet it is safe for you to enter them. In fact, it’s essential you do to open up your creativity, intuition, and flow for the next phase of your purpose and business growth.

Alice asks you to let go of all that has become too small and too familiar for you. All that you feel you’ve outgrown; tired ideas that no longer work, bored faces and places and follow your own path to new worlds and adventure.

You are ready for the new.

beautiful picture of a pixie pierrot oracle card

3) Pixie Pierrot 

Pixie Pierrot tells you that there is more in this life for you than merely surviving.

You and your spiritual business are meant to be thriving! It is your divine right to do so.

It’s always full of possibility for you to thrive, and that life and your business don’t have to feel like struggle town.

With the realisation of having lapsed into survival rather than joyful thriving, it’s time to let go of what you intuitively know is leaching joy, abundance, and prosperity from your business and life.

Our inner world is much a reflection of our outer world, so if you feel you are merely surviving outwardly, then there is an inner situation of only surviving too.

An inner world that is filled with gratitude, richness, love, self-worth, and trust, will reflect outwardly an essence of thriving.

The universe always responds magically to the raised energy of feeling all is right and good in our world, with sending even more of the essence of ‘thriving’ our way. Joy brings more joy.

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