Are you ready to find out what the stars and cards have in store for you for the month of September 2022?

Important Dates for September 2022:

Mercury goes Retrograde September 9
Full Moon in Pisces September 10
New Moon in Libra September 26

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Motto of the month: Time for business

Now it’s time to work in September, my impulsive Aries. Now you can deal with business finances define your relationships in your work environment. You should keep a close eye on your team. During the last days of September until the beginning of October the planet of communication Mercury will be in retrograde. This brings serious delays and misunderstandings to the new projects. Avoid starting something new until the first days of October. Financially it looks good. After a difficult August, September brings you some income. Your personal life will be easy going for the first half of the month. Avoid any serious conversations for the rest of the month. respect the opinions of others and try to countdown when you feel explosive. Your health is good, and your energy is high. Take care when you’re driving and when you’re traveling especially during the second half of September. Take time, sit back and relax.

Tarot Card for the month:

Two of Pentacles

Life is a balancing act for you this month, my dear Aries. You have a lot of balls up in the air and you are desperately dancing to keep everything going and in alignment. What will happen if you do end up dropping a ball? It might be time for you to prioritize all of those things you are juggling.

Figure out which balls you can set aside for the moment, which are important to keep working with, and which might bounce if you miss, but land back in your hands the next time around. Bringing your life back into balance will require your conscious effort.


Motto of the month: No big surprises!

Don’t expect more to happen this September, my stable Taurus. Finish up any important business things before September 10th. during the last days of the month until the beginning of October the planet of communication mercury will be in retrograde. That means that you should avoid major decisions, difficult discussions and signing any contracts. Focus on small everyday tasks and do the groundwork for your future. You cannot avoid misunderstandings with your colleagues. Keep an eye on your finances. Not only for September but also for the rest of the year. Dynamic Mars will be in the sector of money, so you need to think before you spend. Your personal life has to do with household tasks. Small or big repairs are in planning. It is not the best time for relationships though. You must learn to listen to your partner. Take the opportunity to relax to travel and get away from it all. Do something for your soul and mind.

Tarot Card for the month:

The Wheel of Fortune Reversed

Is it really time to move forward right now, Taurus, or is it better for you to review your plans, double-check your vision and mission, and— perhaps wait for a better time? Unfortunately, Fate is not going to intervene on your behalf this time, so if that influence was a big part of your plan, you need to account for that


Motto of the month: You are always on the right path!

September has some obstacles for you, my communicative Gemini. Professionally you want to keep your goals closer. Unfortunately, the planet of communication mercury will be in retrograde during the last days of the month until the beginning of October. That means that you should be aware of discussions conflicts signing contracts and misunderstandings. You may have to take a step back from all. Do whatever you wish during the first week of the month. Financially it looks natural for you. You will not have extreme expenses. Most of you will focus on your personal life. It’s a good time to make some improvements at home. Be aware that dynamic Mars will be at the sector of relationships for you, and this will bring some conflicts on the way. Try to be more diplomatic. Don’t act impulsively. Your health is good and your energy too.

Tarot Card for the month:

Ace of Wands

Looks like you are going to find a spark of passion this month, dear Gemini. You might find yourself in a new relationship or following a new project that lights up your soul. Why not dive deep and see if this is a flame you want to feed or if it’s just a temporary flame or momentary inspiration? You get to decide which it is and fuel it according to your own needs.


Motto of the month: take advantage of your talents!

Try new things in September, my sensitive Cancer. Professionally you have some interesting new projects on the way which will bring you more income and success. However, there are some issues there in the future. The planet of communication mercury will turn retrograde on the 9th of the month until October 2nd. This will bring misunderstandings delays and difficult discussions. Don’t promote your ideas during this time and be careful when you’re signing a contract. Hold on to your positions and think about your planning. Financially it looks good. There are no apps and downs. Your personal life is also experiencing some bumps. If you had a recent romance this will not have the ending you wished for. Be aware of any secrets. Avoid any gossip. Try not hurting anyone’s feelings and keep your opinion for yourself until mercury goes back to normal. Take care of your health more. Dynamic Mars is tough and we’ll we can almost every position. Be careful when you’re driving and traveling. Be also aware of minor accidents and avoid any dangerous situations.

Tarot Card for the month:

Five of Cups

Don’t cry over spilt milk this month, Cancer. So many positive, good things have happened in your life, yet you might feel like focusing on the bad, the lack, what’s missing, what went wrong. It’s honestly a waste of your precious energy. You might want to start a gratitude journal this month so you can consciously shift your energy, and so you don’t let yourself wallow.


Motto of the month: Don’t lose yourself!

Don’t press yourself too much in September, my glamorous Leo. It looks like professionally you are at a dead end. This is not a bad thing. a new chapter is starting over from scratch, and you will achieve in the future many important things. However, you might have to deal with things from the past. The last days of the month and the first ones of October will be difficult since Mercury, the planet of communication, turns retrograde. be aware of any misunderstanding’s difficult discussions. You will experience delays. Financially there will be some difficulties to face. Keep your eye on the expenses. Also be careful what you’re signing. Your personal life has also many ups and downs this month. Relatives will be an issue. Most couples will suffer from gossip and misunderstandings. Mercury is playing hard. Do not burn any bridges now. Keep it cool. emotions affect your health. Be careful of the stress because this will make you feel tired and unmotivated. Take care of yourself more and spend time in nature. Get some sleep and be careful when you’re driving and traveling!

Tarot Card for the month:

Death Reversed

Things should be changing, transforming, and shifting right now for you, Leo, but they aren’t. You might be stuck in position because you fear moving forward. Everything WILL shift. You WILL have to trust. That’s the beauty of it. But, until you decide to really let go and free-fall into the unknown, you’re going to be stuck in a sort of limbo.


Motto of the month: everything has a meaning!

September is a special month for you, my organizational Virgo. You have worked a lot and you need a change. You have some administrative tasks to work and material issues as well. Even if you have your best interest to solve any problems be aware to solve them until the 9th of the month. Planet of communication mercury is turning retrograde until October 2nd. This will be a long difficult process. This is not the time for a new job or a new project. Be aware what you’re signing and what you’re talking about. Your money is looking up and down. You may have to pay some old debts or deal with some extra means at home. Your personal life is also going through some rough times in September. The questions are endless and not answered. Try to avoid any difficult discussions this is not the time. Wait until your ruler mercury turns on upright. Take time and think about the past and what you will do in the future. Your health is not at its best. Be careful if you are dealing with chronic diseases. Take care of yourself more and begin to listen to your body. Avoid any bad habits, eat well and get enough sleep.

Tarot Card for the month:

Three of Wands Reversed

Unfortunately, you are unable to find your way forward right now, my dear Virgo. Either you just don’t have the experience needed to get to the next phase of the journey or you aren’t at all sure which direction to choose. You might have to sit this one out and stay put for the moment. Rest, recharge, and see if that helps you to get a better view of the future.


Motto of the month: take good care of yourself!

September is one of the most difficult months of the year for you, my diplomatically brought. Keep calm. You can do it. Professionally you might face a lot of disagreements with business partners. Promises are not kept. A lot of things happened in the background. Don’t forget that planet of communication mercury is turning retrograde from the 9th of the month until the 2nd of October period this will bring more delays, obstacles, misunderstandings and disappointments. Take time for you and step back. Even financially this month is not exactly promising. Expect a lot of expenses and less income as usual. Avoid spending money. Your personal life is important for you I know. Problems appear here too. Relationships face some explosive times with mercury retrograde. Many secrets will come to the light, and you might even be part of a scandal! Take your precautions. Whatever happens now it will have longstanding consequences so think it over. All the stress and negative emotions affect your health and energy. Be very careful when you’re driving and traveling.

Tarot Card for the month:

Page of Cups

Love and friendships start small, with small gestures, with learning a little bit about one another, with intention, curiosity, and a little bit of faith. Bring some joy and innocence into the experience and let yourself get a little lost in the moment.

You might meet someone who piques your curiosity this month, my dear Libra, or even connect with your intuition on a more profound level. It looks like you are going to have your attention focused on this new thing for the month.


Motto of the month: get your feet back on the ground!

Gather your strength in September, my secretive Scorpio. You will need it. Things at work are not getting any easier. A challenge over money or other material values and many different options makes it hard for you to keep up. Take your responsibilities but avoid the gossip. From September 10 to October 2 communication planet Mercury goes retrograde. That means that you must deal with delays misunderstandings and difficult discussions. Take the time to rethink and to reorganize. Financially you are having some trouble this month. Work does not make it easy for you and you must spend more money. Some of you may also spend what they earned. Even your personal life has many ups and downs now. Whoever of you as children will face some challenges. Emotions are complicated. Disappointments are happening daily. stop asking too many questions. This is a really challenging month. Whoever suffers from chronic and heart disease should be more careful. Avoid things that makes it worse. Don’t take any risks. Protect your health and that of your family!

Tarot Card for the month:

Eight of Pentacles Reversed

You are kind of obsessed with what you are doing right now. Like ignore the rest of the world and get lost in some sort of quest for perfection kind of obsessed. Take a step back, my dear. Look at the bigger picture. Is what you are doing right now a lot of busy work, or is it totally fitting into a longer-term game plan or goal? If it doesn’t fit into the grand scheme or help you move forward, you might want to refocus your energy on something that WILL move the needle.


Motto of the month: every rose has its thorn!

September might be exciting for you, my travelling Sagittarius. For the first 10 days of the month, you will find yourself very busy. From September 10 to October 2 however the planet of communication mercury will be retrograde. That means that contacts and connections suffer. You will experience delays, misunderstandings, gossip and explosive situations. You will feel the tension around you. You won’t go far with negotiations this month. However, your finances are looking good. You might even receive a nice profit of some extra work you did in the past. Your personal life is the most interesting part of the month. This has to do with the first 10 days of September. After that you may experience disagreements with your children and the elderly relatives. This will be a hard month for relationships with unexpected change of plans. If you have any serious discussions this will help you to understand each other’s nature. If any conflicts occur, they will go on until the end of 2022 so be careful. Your health is good and your energy high.

Tarot Card for the month:

Five of Wands

Competition is the name of the game this month, my dear Sagittarius. It might seem like everyone around you is way ahead of you. If you look a little bit closer at things though, you’ll discover that everyone is working through their own stage in the process. So try not to think about others as competition, but as inspiration. You might better yourself by trying to beat their results—just make sure the game remains friendly. You’ll get a lot more out of it if everyone is friendly and focusing on positive outcomes for the whole team.


Motto of the month: the world is changing!

September has imbalances for you my workaholic Capricorn. However, you will feel more productive at work. You want to have contacts with people abroad and pursue new projects. This is good for the first 10 days of the month. After that the planet of communication mercury turns retrograde until the 2nd of October so you must be careful. Delays, gossip, misunderstandings and bad decisions. Don’t get disappointed so easily. Take care of your employees if you have some because any issues will continue in the future. Financially it looks not so bad for you this month. This makes you optimistic for the future and for a good reason. your personal life seems complicated for now. Try not to fight over for real estate or material stuff for now. Every situation is different. Just take a step back. This restless atmosphere may be bad for your health. You must live a healthier lifestyle and taking care of your nervous system. everything will pass!

Tarot Card for the month:

The Emperor

It’s time to step into a leadership role, dear Capricorn, which might actually be a natural place for you to be. Use your strengths— organization and strategic planning—to get ahead this month. And also, look at yourself as a teacher and father figure to some of the people around you. It’s up to you to lay out the rules and guide people to follow them.

Be prepared to defend your seat, too, because you might have some competition. It’s all good. If you show up ready for the battle, wizened and skilled, you’ll likely be much more successful.


Motto of the month: don’t give up!

Take a break in September from all my airy Aquarius. The first thing days of September are perfectly nice. During this time, you can travel, you can be active and ago she ate with business partners. After that the planet of communication mercury is turning retrograde until the 2nd of October and everything changes. This means that you must face delays, misunderstandings, go see and explosive discussions. Collaborations are also problematic. Old legal troubles may come up again. Follow any instructions given. avoid any problems that that may haunt you until winter. Financially you are rather neutral. There won’t be any particular ups and downs. Your personal life is turbulent though. Problems with children, problems with property coma issues with older people, relatives etc. Avoid any huge arguments since this is a difficult Time. Mercury will not make it easier. you don’t feel so energetic this month so take care of yourself more. Be very careful when you’re traveling and driving.

Tarot Card for the month:

Six of Wands

Finally. You’re going to be successful in your endeavours. People will notice all of the hard work and effort you put into your projects. Victory is yours. You can hold your head up high now, knowing that all of your struggles and fears can be laid to rest. Congratulations!


Motto of the month: find your way out!

You are in a labyrinth in September, my dreamy Pisces. It all has to do with money this month. Even if you think you can expand your business take a step back and rethink. Even good intentions will end up hanging due to a lack of funds. Especially after the 10 first days of the month situation becomes more difficult. The planet of communication mercury turns retrograde until the 2nd of October so you may experience some serious bumps. Delays, misunderstandings, disagreements and gossip. Financially this might be the most challenging month of the year. It’s bitter I know. Be very careful with your money with, because mistakes are really happening. Personal life has dilemmas for you. You want to make some serious changes for the future, building a house, a new apartment, changing your life. But is this the correct partner for you? Will it be as you dreamed of? It’s better to deal with all these issues as a team. You don’t feel so energetic this month. There is a lot going on and this affects your body too. Those with chronic diseases must take care of your health more.

Four of Pentacles

It’s time for you to focus on your financial and material security, my dear Pisces. There is work for you to do in these areas. Just make sure you don’t cut yourself off from all other forms of connection, like friendships and even your spiritual practices. Money and wealth are just one part of life. They are important and it is important to find security, but the other things are important as well. Balance is key.

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