What is your preferred way of letting the universe know what you desire?

I have tried out affirmations, gratitude statements and also spells. The three are similar but each has a flavour distinctively their own.

It seems to me that both affirmations and gratitude statements have been getting all the attention in recent years. Spells, on the other hand, are more often relegated to children’s tales of wickedness.

Frankly, I do not care why spells have had the bad press. I love creating them. Playing with words and making them into a rhythm is fun. Maybe rhyme, which many spells use, is not your choice for speaking but it is hard to deny the energy you can build with it.

This is an example of a simple spell to help you find money.

Trinka five, Trinka five.

Ancient spirits come alive.

Money flows, money thrives.

Spirits of the Trinka five.

As you chant these words, you jingle five coins in your hand. Because the spell is only short, it is easy to repeat, in this case, five times.

Friends have reported that this particular spell is excellent for finding extra amounts of money to help with day to day expenses.

What makes spells different from other forms of requests to the universe, I find, is their bounce. They are designed to be spoken aloud with gusto.

Can you remember the nursery rhymes you learned as a child? If so, you can perhaps appreciate how long a well-crafted spell can last, sitting there in your subconscious.

Also, a well-crafted spell can be a journey. It is perfectly okay to state what the problem is at the beginning. Then solutions can be offered and an outcome reached. A spell for courage springs to mind. The spellcaster was afraid. She stated this and then acknowledged there were things that could help her past her fears. She finished the spell with a rousing declaration of her divine power.

Bizarre ingredients like eye of newt or dragons’ blood are not required for spells to work. These ridiculous things are pure fabrications. Many people enjoy burning incense and also use candles to invoke an atmosphere suitable for casting the spell, otherwise, all that might be used is some small token to symbolise the desire. It could be a coin for wealth or a photo of a lion for courage.

But what about the blood? Surely spells require blood to work. Well, no. In fact, most spells would go splat if blood was added to the mix. Unless you truly want to move mountains or have a life or death scenario, blood will work against your desire not enhance your chances of receiving it.

Is it possible to use a spell to do harm? Absolutely. History and folktales are littered with examples of this. But there is a price to be paid for walking this path. Wishing Ill luck for another will activate the Law of Attraction and bring the same to you.

Spells are neither good or bad. As always, you are responsible for your actions.

A friend asked me to write her a cleansing spell for in the shower:

This day is pristine and new,

Of entanglements, there are but few.

I am ready to leave behind

Any energy that isn’t mine.

I now wash and soap away

All the cords from yesterday.

As I feel the water cascade

I allow all residues to fade.

Of the day and night gone by

Down the drain these energies fly.

All clean and ready, I step out now

Happy to greet today with a Wow!

It is perfectly okay to honour your vision of the Divine in a spell and to give thanks. So, maybe spells are no more than fun, rhyming gratitude statements. Or, perhaps they have a little added spice. Until you try them, you simply can’t know.




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