Hope Suggit is a Minister, a Shaman, a Spiritual Healer and Author and the Founder of the Y.E.S. Quest who has felt a deep connection to the Spirit of the Earth since she was a small child who hugged trees and sang to rocks!

Hope has a very interesting story of her roots. She loved hugging trees and singing to rocks. Her family thought she was wacky and discouraged the behavior. During her childhood, she let her gifts and inklings slip into the background, but, when Hope was in her 20s, she realized that she was missing a spiritual connection. Christianity wasn’t the answer for Hope, because she wanted a more expansive relationship with God. She found the book, The Spiral Dance, by Starhawk – which talks about a more Earth-based spiritual system.

After having a profound experience in the 90s’ – after a Shamanic course – Hope’s journey expanded and she started taking more classes and learning to use her own intuition and divination tools.

Hope lived with an Indian Shaman for a day and a year and also a witch. She learned so much about herself and the Universe during the past 35 years of study. She’s using what she’s learned to help other people learn and grow themselves.

Her classes and healing sessions are tailored specifically for that client. Each client is taken care of in the way that best serves them. She uses “Mother Energy” from the Earth.

You can find out more about her work by watching/listening to the interview!

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