Spiritual Business Spotlight interviews Business Coach, Kate Matheson.

Kate Matheson (see Kate’s profile here) was raised by serial entrepreneurs and started her business career long ago. She’s built successful companies for herself; in the past 10 years, she built 5 companies.

Fate intervened in Kate’s work when she started seeing Complimentary and Alternative medical practitioners to help her with an auto-immune disease. She was being treated by fabulous Reiki Healers, Massage Therapists, and a wide range of other specialists, and she realized that they needed help building their businesses. It all came together with Divine Guidance, and Kate has started the site, mathesonandco.ca) to help the people she admired and respected grow their businesses.

An interview with Kate Matheson, Business Coach

Kate strives to create win-win situations for her clients. Building a profitable and thriving business lets spiritual and wellness practitioners give back to the community AND do what they love to do. It also helps them to change the world for their clients.

In Kate’s mind, a solo-business owner is a different kind of beast with different needs than a large company.

Kate talks about the 3 P’s of business:


The more structure you have, the more flexibility you have in business.

Systems and automation are key to Kate. They help practitioners focus on what they do best.

Listen to the interview for more great tips and info from Kate Matheson.

Also, find out about her upcoming launch and her 4 day social media posting challenge!

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