Spring Symbolism

If you’re anything like me, you are anxiously awaiting the start of spring! After a long winter, it’s so nice to finally feel a bit of warmth in the air, to see the buds starting to burst from the ground, and smell the earth and rich soil. As we go into spring, we will start to see a lot of spring symbols popping up as well!

The Spring Equinox is going to be on March 20th.

The Spring Equinox marks the beginning of the new Astrological year. Again, this is a message of new beginnings.

🎉 Celebrate all of the triumphs of the last year. Look at the future with appreciation.

🔥 Use the lessons you learned in 2021 to seed your 2022 vision and work.

🍀 Plant seeds for the fruits you want to harvest later in the year.

❤️ Think about what you DO want in your life and what you DON’T want in your life, and plan accordingly. This might mean you have to let some things go. I always think of this like pruning the bushes and plants in my garden, cutting away those old, dead pieces in order to make space for new flowers to bloom.

Make a new vision board (today, if you have time) that shows what you want to accomplish in 2022. Connect with what is new and unfolding in your life.

Personally, I reuse my vision board, adding new elements and layers to a board I KNEW had all of the important things I truly wanted in my life. You can find out more about my own Vision Boarding practice here: Sue’s Vision Boarding Practice

Innocence, Opportunity, Rebirth, Reincarnation Are Spring Themes

Right now, we are right in the middle of the approach to Easter. According to the Christian beliefs, this is the time when Jesus was betrayed, convicted, killed—and then rose from the dead after 3 days in a tomb.

Several other religions and even pagans celebrate this time of the year because of a few things. First of all, the Equinox is the day when the energy shifts from longer nights to longer days. Light prevails. It is the return of the Christ-light energy.

Birds are busy making nests to lay their eggs in. Leaves are budding again on the trees. Early flowers are popping up.

And I think that we humans feel this shift internally too. We go from the sluggish, almost depressed (Seasonal Affective Depression) state to one that is more energetic, alive, and optimistic. 

We clean our homes. We celebrate life once more. We get more active and spend more time outdoors.

The world around us goes from the cold, “dead” of winter where everything feels like it has died off—trees have lost their leaves, the plants have withered and turned to husks, the animals are hibernating—to a buzzing, bright, cacophony of color and life.

Of course, we feel like celebrating!

And the symbols of spring are those of abundance, possibility, new life, and growth. Let’s take a look at them.

Spring Symbols Rabbit Flowers

Symbols of Spring


If ever there was an animal known for its reproduction rate, its a rabbit! Bunnies are symbols of abundance, birth, and fertility. They are also gentle and playful. They can symbolize luck, good fortune, and opportunity for growth.


Eggs are symbols of potential. They are a little bit secretive, so you might not know what is inside, but you should nurture and care for them to make sure that what is there grows.


It’s interesting to note that baby chickens can be seen in a very similar way to lambs. They are innocent, young, somewhat naive. They have the potential to create more opportunities as they grow, but they are oftentimes sacrificed at some point in their lives. So these can be positive or a little bit of a forewarning about what you creating just to sacrifice later on.

Spring Symbolism Lambs


Again, we have a symbol of purity, gentleness, and innocence. Both lambs and chicks can be a part of a group or community. Lambs are also a symbol of sacrifice, as many were used in rituals of sacrifice. In addition to the symbol of gentleness, lambs also have an element of forgiveness in their spring symbolism.


Birds are busy making nests during the spring. It can be a symbol of tidying up the home or your life to make room for new opportunities to grow and flourish.They are symbolic of family ties, of good luck and fortune, and creating a loving and warm environment around you.


Narcissus are often the first flowers we see in the spring. They symbolize hope, rebirth, spring, luck and good fortune, happiness, and prosperity.



Willows are also early bloomers in the spring, so they have come to symbolize spring, new beginnings, and life transformations.They can also represent luck and protection, wisdom and evolving into a better version of yourself.


Hyacinths have a bit of a mixed meaning. On the one hand, they can symbolize playfulness and movement, stability and sincerity, but they also have an element of sorrow associated with them. If you see hyacinths or work with them, see what comes up for you in each individual meeting with them.

African Violet

African Violets are associated with Archangel Michael and protection. They might actually also help us to look at our lives and how we do things and point out where we struggle, how we might set ourselves up for failure, and how we can improve ourselves for our benefit and the benefit of those around us. They can also represent fidelity, devotion, and our ability to hold on to faith in the midst of a storm.

Easter Lillies

Easter Lillies represent the cycle of birth, death, and resurrection. They are also elegant, and, like many other early spring flowers, symbolize hope, promise of new opportunities and growth, and also happiness.


Tulips symbolize love in all of its incarnations. Their specific meaning depends on their color. Red, of course, is associated with love, and white with purity and forgiveness. Purple, as with the color purple, indicates royalty. Yellow tulips are a symbol of optimism, happiness, friendship, and warmth.


Astrological Sign of Aries

Aries – The First Sign of the Zodiac

(birth dates March 21 – April 19)

Aries is a fiery, optimistic, courageous, and determined sign. They are the perfect start for the year, because they bring fire, warmth, and energy with them! They might be a bit impatient and short-tempered, but they make up for that with their optimistic outlook and the passion that they bring with them!

Aries is an active sign. Time waits for nothing, and that is part of the reason that Aries is just so energetic and interested in exploring new areas and having new adventures.

The ram symbol has those horns—and they symbolize leading with the head first and not really worrying about the heart side of things! They are quick to excite, but they are also quick to cool off, unless their passion has been stirred—then good luck!

Aries people also root for and protect the underdog. That is their nature. They can be taken advantage of, though, because of their tendency to be so energetic and giving. Oftentimes, they have to learn to protect themselves with as much vigour as they protect others with.

Aries have a lot of energy and drive. They have to make sure that they have a direction for all of that energy, and also to take care of themselves—especially their heads—so that they can thrive.

Taurus – The Second Sign of the Zodiac

(birth dates April 20 – May 20)

Taurus is an earthy, grounded, and somewhat hedonistic sign. They bring a vibe of stability, hard work, and a love of luxury—good food, beautiful clothes, and a lovely home with a beautiful decor—with them. They surround themselves with beautiful things.

Taurus doesn’t mind putting in the work to be able to afford the finer things in life. They are determined, ambitious, and have a staying power unmatched by many of the other signs.

The Bulls of the zodiac are reliable and consistent. Security is extremely important to people who are born under the sign of Taurus.

Because Taurus people are so grounded, reliable, and devoted to stability, they might come off as being stubborn (as an ox) or a bit on the boring side, but that is just their way of doing things.

Tauruses can be great, grounded friends who are there for you through thick and thin. They can make great friends and partners because they are settled, centered, and secure.


Spring is a time for new beginnings. The symbolism associated with spring often has to do with fresh new ideas, ways of doing things, and even sacrifices you need to make in order to make space for new things in your life to grow. You might be feeling the urge to clean the house, get out into the garden, or even plant some of the beautiful flowers we mentioned above to bring more luck, opportunity, and abundance into your life.

What kind of symbols have you seen popping up in your field that remind you of spring? Spring symbolism tends to put a new, fresh energy into the air! Possibilities abound.

I’d love to hear about any spring symbolism you notice! Please share your favorite spring symbols in the comments below!

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