The best gifts you can give have a personal flair. They aren’t generic; they come from the heart. If you have a witchy friend in your life, you might be looking for a great gift that will make them feel loved and understood. Here are the top 10 presents your witchy friend will love.

Hands holding a small gift wrapped with a natural twine ribbon.

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Crystals! Crystals, and more Crystals!

Honestly, your witchy friend will likely have a collection of their own, but… either ask your friend what kind of crystals they are looking for or go with your own intuition and choose a crystal that says, “I am the perfect gift for your witchy friend!”

Some great crystals to give your witchy friends are:

Black Kyanite

Black Kyanite is a great all-around crystal. It can help a person connect more strongly to their own intuition and also clear and balance all of the person’s energy centers. This crystal also aids in communication—especially if things have gone a bit wonky in the recent past. A black kyanite fan can help clear the air and get conversations flowing again.

Zentron Crystal Collection Rough Black Kyanite Piece

Black Onyx

Black Onyx helps to shield the person wearing it from any sort of negative energy, which your witchy friend might encounter in their work or in the judgment of those around them. Onyx can help a person to focus on their truest desires, too, and amplify their intentions. This is a good thing for any witch or magical friend.

Gem Stone King Black Onyx 925 Sterling Silver With Cubic Zirconia CZ Pendant Necklace For Women with 18 Inch Silver Chain


Amethyst is another great all-around crystal. It helps a person to connect with their Higher Consciousness and can also help clear and clean the other crystals in your friend’s collection. This is also a great stone to gift anyone who struggles with any sort of addiction or anxiety disorder because it can calm and soothe their mind.

Carved Amethyst Gemstone Peace Angel Pocket Guardian AngelHealing Statue 2 inch


Selenite wands are really popular because they can help clear the energy around a person and in a person’s home. They are considered to be super high-vibe and help a person connect not only with the helpful spirits around them, but also with the people around them as well.

Dancing Bear SELENITE Crystal Stick (10″-12″ Long), Large Raw Rough Wand Clearing Energy, Powerful Charging Plate, Cleansing, Protection, Chakra Balancing, Healing Natural Stone, FREE Black Tourmaline


Labradorite is a great crystal to give to anyone who is working with their intuitive or clairsenses. It not only helps to shield a person’s aura or energy but also to connect with their Higher Self and their inner wisdom.
UFEEL Labradorite Palm Stone Crystal – Natural Chakra Reiki Polished Healing Pocket Worry Stone Crystal for Anxiety Stress Relief Therapy

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a gentle, peaceful stone. This soft, pink stone attracts love of all kinds, from self-love to romantic love. It would make a wonderful present for someone who is keen on working with the angels and high-vibe beings of all sorts.
Unihom Rose Quartz Heart Stone Puffy Shaped Love Palm Stone for Decoration – 1.55″-Rose-heart

Look for special gift items, like wands made with special crystal, metal, and wood combinations or simple bracelets, amulets, or pendants. You can find them at ETSY or at your local crystal shop. They even have quite a few on Amazon.

If you don’t really know which crystal to choose, or if your witchy friend is just starting out, get them a box set of crystals to work with, like this one:

Premium Healing Crystals Kit in Wooden Box – 7 Chakra Set Tumbled Stones, Rose Quartz, Amethyst Cluster, Crystal Points, Chakra Pendulum + 82 Page E-Book + 20×6 Reference Guide Poster, Ribbon Bow

A Grimoire

Every witch desires a beautiful grimoire to note their magical experiments and findings in. You might choose one that has some useful information for a newbie witch. On the other hand, a more experienced witch might just want a gorgeous blank book to fill with her own magical spells and rituals.

Blank inside:
Vintage Leather Journal Semi Precious Witch Stone Black Triple Moon Design-Lock Closure, 200 Antique Deckle Edge Blank Paper-Book of Shadows, Grimoire Journal, Witch Journal for Men and Women 7×5 Inch

With witchy prompts:
The Complete Grimoire: Magickal Practices and Spells for Awakening Your Inner Witch

gift ideas for your witchy friends

A Witchy Coloring Book

There are a lot of FABULOUS witchy coloring books on the market these days. Those of us who LOVE working with our markers and crayons adore adult coloring books. Best of all, these coloring books often have a lot of wisdom built right into them by their creators, so they’re kind of like a two-for-one present.

Some of my favorites are:

The Spirit Animal Coloring Book

The Tarot Coloring Book

Green Wicca Herbs & Essences Coloring Book 

A New Oracle Card Deck

First, I would advise you to have a look at your friend’s collection or ask them outright before purchasing a deck as a present for your witchy friend. Better safe than sorry!

But, if they have been drooling over the latest deck from their favorite deck creator or are totally new to tarot and oracle cards, you can easily pick up a deck that they will love for their whole lifetime!

Great decks for beginners:


Tarot for Kids

The Map by Colette Baron-Reid

New Decks coming out winter of 2022:

Penumbra Tarot Deck

The Messenger Oracle 

If you want to add a bonus gift for anyone who is new to tarot, I would suggest these books:

78 Degrees of Wisdom by Rachel Pollack

Holistic Tarot by Benebell Wen

*A word of caution/advice about buying decks. You might find a variety of decks super cheap on other sites, BUT they are likely pirated. Please make sure to purchase your decks from reputable sites. You’ll get a better quality deck AND the deck creator will get proper credit. Plus, a lot of the pirated decks don’t come with a guidebook, which puts the reader at a loss when they first start working with the new deck.

Smudge Sticks/Clearing Spray

Your witchy friend will probably appreciate some smudge sticks or an energy clearing room spray. You can make them from your own garden/herbs if you have sage, lavender, and other healing plants to harvest.

This one looks wonderful to me!

Otherwise, you can purchase them from Etsy or Amazon.

Color of Kismet makes a great Smokeless Smudge Spray. This one’s for the witches who either can’t use sage because of allergies or sensitivities or who simply don’t like the smell.


Your witchy friend is likely using candles by the truckload. Why not splurge and buy your friend a few extra for the holiday season? Don’t be afraid of getting a wide assortment of colors or sizes, too. Anyone who is working with magick will need a full rainbow of candle colors to choose from, depending on what they’re working on.

Just try to make sure you buy good quality candles. Soy and beeswax candles are better than petroleum-based, cheapy candles.

Here’s a nice-looking set that got mostly good reviews.

A Divination Tea Cup and Saucer Set

This one’s on my own Christmas list this year! There are some really cool teacup and saucer sets your witchy friend can use to either do readings for themselves or for friends who come over for a cuppa.

You can find some great divination teacups on ETSY and on Amazon.

If your friend is a witchy coffee drinker, they’ll probably LOVE the roasts from Fluid Coffee Shop. You can even get them a gift certificate to order their own beans!

Velvet Bags

Like candles, your witchy friend probably can use extra velvet bags. They might need small velvet sacks to use as mojo bags or larger bags to store their tarot and oracle decks in. Who knows—your witchy friend might even end up regifting a velvet bag you gave them, but with some healing crystals and herbs inside!

If you’re crafty, you can make these yourself! Just make sure to include a drawstring so your friend’s crystals and trinkets don’t end up falling out.

Check these out!

Multi-colored tarot and oracle cards laid out on a red table decorated with black crow feathers and a puffy rose quartz crystal.

A Personalized Astrology Reading or a Healing Session

If you want to splash out a bit more on your witchy friend, you might get a gift card or schedule a reading session for them.

I offer a Year Ahead Reading every year. (I’m Sue Ellis-Saller, the Editor in Chief here!)

You can also order a reading from our wonderful friend, Alexandra Karakopoulou!

Ask your friend if they have a favorite online reader or healer they dream of working with. Most healers and readers offer gift certificates you can easily send to your friend.

If your friend would like to learn to read their OWN chart, you should check out Emily Ridout’s new Astrology Academy course! It starts in January 2022!

Feathers, Shells, and other Outdoor Scores

If you aren’t cash-rich this holiday season, don’t fret! Get creative and make a fun and very personal present for your witchy friend. Most witches love jars, shells, feathers, hag stones, and alll sorts of cool and unique things you find outside.

Get creative, too. If you dig up a little bit of dirt from a local cemetery or get some old railroad spikes or nails, your witchy friend might just giggle with true delight. Just make sure to stay on their good side if you gift them any darker items!  ;P

Hopefully, you were able to find the perfect gift for your witchy friend on our list! Feel free to send this article to your muggle friends, too, if you want to share a hint or two about what YOU’D like to have for Christmas or Yule.

Happy Holidays from us here at Spiritual Business Spotlight!

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